March 20, 2023

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Al Jazeem released his Lebanese song "Ma Habebak"

Al Jazeem released his Lebanese song “Ma Habebak”

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)
His vision, his melodies and his song, Emirati artist Hussein Al Jazmi, “The Extraordinary Delegate Ambassador” thrilled the audience with his new song “Ma Habak” in Lebanese dialect, which expresses feelings of love and affection. Says: “Still sure.” Contrary to all the expectations raised in his “ad”, his words translate a lot of sentimental and romantic phrases.

Al Jazeem collaborated with Lebanese poet Maunir Asaf on his first Lebanese singing work “Ma Bahebak”, and provided the Lebanese maestro Hadi Sharara with a new style of arranging, mixing and mastering his art and song vision. This song records the clear, beautiful and unique difference between the Lebanese songs that enjoy wide Arabic spread.

The words “what is your love” include love, greetings and the lover’s feelings. Its beginning says:
إشتَقلَك .. وْلا
First of all, I can not stay away from you.
You are not my second text .. My address is not in your eyes
You are closer to my soul than I am
Let the sky love you .. The sea may be what you want
Drive in the air what you want .. more firmly
تِخلَص ..
Time for more love to decrease .. My love will increase

The song “Ma Hobak” is distinguished by the special design of the song’s video, which has a beautiful, modern look, and was released on YouTube on the official channel of the artist Hussein al – Jazmi, and includes lyrics of the song, as well as its presentation on specialized electronic sites and Gulf and Arab radio stations.

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