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Omar Kirat's concerts .. Egyptian opera audiences meet on this date

Omar Kirat’s concerts .. Egyptian opera audiences meet on this date

Omar Kirat’s concerts are very popular among music lovers in Egypt and the Arab world.

Egyptian opera house musician Omar Khairat has been keen to perform on many occasions and, at the behest of his wider audience, has flocked to the box office to listen to his immortal musical compositions.

Amid precautionary measures to protect the public from the corona virus, the best musician Omar Khairat will perform a concert on January 23 on the grand stage of the Egyptian Opera House.

During the ceremony, musician Omar Khairat is scheduled to deliver some of the most important songs of his long artistic career, which his fans will love to hear, “Saber, Uncle Saber, Miser and I, Night. , Ahmed’s Uncle’s Case, One Thing in Doctrine, Second Meeting, “Arefa”, A Death Penalty, “Quaish” and other songs.

Musician Omar Khairat is known to have dozens of works of art inside and outside Egypt, and among his most important works are “Who does not love Fatima, Ahmad’s uncle Hanin and God the sun does not rise. Or set like her love, and there is a sweet need” and other musical works.

It is noteworthy that the last concerts of Omar Girat at the Egyptian Opera House were in its 30th session at the Arab Music Festival.

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