June 2, 2023

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Al-Khalifa reveals detailed details of Messi’s contract


AFP Stephen de Sagudin

Attempts by the media to reveal details of former Barcelona captain Lionel Messi’s transfer deal to French club Paris Saint-Germain have not stopped.

When Qatari club president Nasser al-Khalifi revealed a offer to Messi from the club worth 600 million euros, the popular French newspaper L’Equipe issued a surprise statement.

Al-Khalifa said: “In January, a club offered Leo மில்லியன் 600 million for a four-year deal. Of course I will not reveal Messi’s salary in Paris, but you have to imagine how much we saved on this deal.”

He added: “We have completed 4 free deals this summer for players with a market value of between 400 and 500 million euros.”

He concluded: “Some have accused the Fair of violating the rules of the game, but our club is worth 2.5 2.5 billion, now worth at least 3 3 billion.”

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According to French club officials and Messi’s advisers, the newspaper “Le Parisien” raised the atmosphere after it was revealed that the Argentine legend did not receive a bonus when joining Saint-Germain.

While the player’s contract is still a secret, some things have been leaked, such as that he will receive an annual salary of மில்லியன் 41 million, and the Paris Club announced that the Argentine star will receive a portion of the rewards in cryptocurrencies.

The newspaper explained that Messi did not receive the signing bonus, which is an undeniable indication that the Argentine star’s two-year contract includes many attractive bonuses. .

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Following Barcelona’s defeat, BCG announced the official transfer of Messi on a free two-year deal with the option of renewing the contract of its chairman and historic scorer for an extra season.

Source: “French Media + Agencies”