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Al-Qamisi’s encounter reveals her misery with the makeup of the identity of the birth in “Hatta e Al-Qamar “..Photos and Video


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Cairo – Samia Saeed – Artist, Lika Al-Kamizi, revealed the makeup of the great birth identity that gave the character of Qamar in the story of “Hada Min Al Qamar” from the recently shown “Ja Al Qamar” series. On the channel CBCIt takes an hour and a half, and remove it from the face, he explains: “He will definitely get infections, and the eyelids will stick, because they are all sticky, and the skin-like factor actually takes shape and everything has hair on it.”

Al-Qamisi’s meeting at the “Gulf 365” Symposium pointed out that during the filming he suffered from this mask and had sores, swelling and pimples on his face: “I saw the make-up was so brilliant. Praise be to God, and I thank you. ” Director Mohammad Hamaki because he is a selfless director.

Al-Qamisi meeting at a place on the moon

Commenting on the reactions after the episodes were shown, one encounter revealed: “I did not watch the first episode because I was busy filming, and I was listening behind the scenes to what happened after the episodes were shown, and I want to say that before that there were reactions to many of my works, but in my life I Not affected like that, I was affected “from the moon” and how many people send me pictures on social media, you say. You said what I said.

A meeting confirmed her great happiness, and the most beautiful of us, considered that people dared to publish their photos, and the comments on their photos were like the moon, which was the name of the series, and the hashtag used. From the moon.

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Al-Khamisi’s meeting celebrated the success of the story “Hatta Min al-Qamar” in the “J al-Qamar” series at the Gulf 365 Symposium, in the presence of the author Mirna al-Fiqi and the work. Producer Maha Selim, and co-stars with Mohammad Al-Amrozi, Kilan Ala, Ida Riyadh, Lamia Karam, Amjad Abed, Mahmoud El Sharqawi, Ahmed Khairi, Shadi Zorur, Mariam Saleh and directed by Mohammad Abdel Rahman Hamaki.

Kamisi meeting

38715-Al-Kamisi Meeting of the Seventh Day Symposium
Al-Kamisi Meeting from the Gulf 365 Symposium

39629-Meeting-al-Khamisi- (2)
Kamisi meeting

Thursday meeting

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-19 at 11.16.29 pm
Al-Qamisi Meeting at the Gulf 365 Symposium

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