August 9, 2022

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Promising judges start their journey at "Sharjah Film Festival".

Promising judges start their journey at “Sharjah Film Festival”.

The Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth launched yesterday, with a series of workshops dedicated to qualifying promising judges, which will continue until next October in four phases at the Al Majaz Theater in Sharjah, with four days of training each month. To train children and youth to judge films in the children and youth sections of the festival with the aim of developing their talent.

The first phase of the workshops is attended by 25 people between the ages of 12 and 20 and aims to train the participants and introduce them to the basics of judging and appreciate the elements of cinematic art aesthetics and cinematic language. Photography, direction, acting and the messages that films convey to the audience.

The first day of the workshop was inaugurated by the Head of the Festival, Coach Fatima Mushrabek, who introduced the children and youth who participated in the “Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth”, one of the projects of the Arts Foundation. In association with the Government of Sharjah, it aims to train children and youth in media arts and develop their expertise in this field.

He explained that from its inception in 2013 to its eighth session in 2021, the festival has been attracting filmmakers and aspiring art participants from around the world. The cinema thinks about all the details in the scenes and wants to inform the audience who know the nature of the messages in each film, and this continuing tradition helps to increase the number of young workers in the field of evaluating and enjoying films. Young people have beautiful values ​​and fine art, which is not without a message of interest to the society. “

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Workshops for prospective arbitrators this month focused on getting to know the participants and training them on the roles they are required to play. The jury of the festival consists of artists and directors who participated in its sessions.

During the training for the judges, a briefing video was shown about the previous session of the festival, including the lighting of the event and the audience’s level of interaction with its programs, guests, seminars, panel discussions and workshops.

The workshops next August will move participants to practice watching a panel of professional films to learn professional techniques on how to analyze films. Participating in preparations for the ceremony and inauguration.

Participating in the festival

The role of promising judges graduating from the rehabilitation workshops is to participate in the ninth session of the Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth, in addition to selecting and evaluating the “Best Film Made by Children and Adolescents”. It hosts a number of senior directors, actors and filmmakers for children and youth to benefit from panel discussions and seminars organized by the festival, ensuring they hone their skills to join the promising generation of filmmakers in the Emirates.

Fatima Mashrebak:

“At the festival, we are keen to develop their technical expertise by studying the cinematic shot and meditating on all the details in the scenes, from each session, through the experience of judging.”


In the first phase, the participant is in the 12 to 20 age category.

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