June 7, 2023

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Al-Qassemi calls the leaders of Iraqi political forces to a national meeting

Al-Qassemi calls the leaders of Iraqi political forces to a national meeting

Baghdad: Zidan al-Rubai

On Tuesday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qassemi invited the leaders of national political forces to a national meeting at the government palace tomorrow, Wednesday.

Al-Qazemi said in a statement, “On the basis of the common national responsibility to unite Iraqis on the basis of the principle of preserving Iraqi unity, security and stability; I invite the brothers, the leaders of national political forces, to the national meeting tomorrow Wednesday at the Government House; to start a serious national dialogue and common thinking; the current political crisis and the current Within the bounds of the constitution and based on supreme national interests, constitutional solutions to create a political and appropriate environment to contribute to calming the current intensity, to help achieve the aspirations of our people.

He further said, “In this regard, I request all national parties to stop popular and media hype and give adequate space to moderate proposals; to have a place in the national debate.”

And he continued, “Iraq is the hope around the neck of all of us, and for the sake of our country, we all must prioritize the language of dialogue, give time and opportunity to voice the national intentions, and cut off the path to the trolls of sedition and controversy.”

He added, “I take this opportunity to assure our people that due to national concern, we will not be a party to any political dispute and our focus is on preventing any consequences. The political crisis on people’s interests and security, and we call on the media and cultural and social elites. And political should contribute to strengthening the sense of patriotism, not to scare people, but to help implement government institutions. Missions in the service of our people and ensuring security and stability.

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