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Al-Sar in Egypt..a dance to the rhythm of Dumbledore to ward off evil spirits


Cairo (AFP) – The presence of musicians and spectators at the McCann Theater Hall appears to be at the center of Cairo, a traditional concert that takes place, but it does not feel like attending the presence of spirits. Dim lights, Um Same sings to treat the sick and get rid of the acts that the demons do to them, which is called a jar.

The visitor went to Egypt It spread throughout North Africa, from Ethiopia and Sudan many centuries ago. The names and musical instruments used vary, but the goal is to remove jinns and evil spirits from the victims’ bodies. According to prevailing beliefs.

Traditionally, this ritual lasted for several days and the animals had to be sacrificed. But there is no bloodshed in Mahan. Instead, musicians offer an updated version of the Tsar, which attracts Egyptians who are interested in heritage and tourists who discover exorcism.

The audience swayed to the rhythm, admired Ummu Samay’s voice and was impressed by the sight of her hairy eyes.

“Look disgusting”

Ahmed Al-Maghrabi, Founder “Masahar”, the last band to specialize in performing on stage, said, “It’s a very ancient ritual healing, it’s a kind of healing.”

In 2000, McCann started the McCann Center to “preserve this tradition and create a historical record of popular music.”

Gray also explains that Lazarus wants to restore its original artistic value in the face of criticism from clergy who reject it and officials who want to destroy rural traditions and move towards modernity.

Al-Muqrabi notes that “Eastern and Egyptian communities view all locals with disgust.”

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So, according to the band’s founder, when “Masahar” was launched 22 years ago, the audience was completely foreign.

He recalled that the Egyptians who attended the event were surprised that the band’s visit was “bloodless”. That’s it.

“We’m not Charlotte or Charlotte,” says 72 – year – old lead singer Um Sameh. . From the age of eleven, Um Same learned the weather from her mother and grandmother.

Yet, sixty years later, he sings the same words in the same tunes and proudly says that he has “no blog songs and no melodies”.

He adds, “We learned (this art) from a young age and grew up in its rhythm.” The singer, who hangs large gold earrings around his ears and covers his hands with ring gold bracelets, describes Zara, “including spiritual art and some Sufi songs that expel negative energy.

Abu Samra, a Tanbura musician with a folk string, regrets the movies because “people have a very negative opinion about Jar”.

In the eighties of the twentieth century, The movie “Takka Jar” deals with the story of musicians who treat a woman intimidated by gin. Abu Samra says, “This is an art like all other arts, and these traditional ideas must be forgotten.”


In a sign of the changing times, Masahir recently added a new member to its band, Um Hassan’s forty-year-old Assa, who is the youngest member of the band over sixty. The discrepancy in performance between mother and daughter is astonishing. Ummu Hassan sits in a chair and plays the drummer in the back while dancing lively in the Assa Theater presenter.

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Assa says, “If a person feels unwell and doctors do not find medicine for him, we can arrange a jar party for him, but we offer a mild folk art for people to find and understand. They taste it.

The formula adopted by Masahir was successful.

The band has already participated in more than one European festival. In Cairo, it receives a new audience of Egyptians every day.

“They represent us, they are just like us,” says Mariam Ezavi, after attending the banquet.

“The Tsar is a part of our history and heritage. What we do not know is strange,” she says.

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