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Alain Delon's children's disputes are heading to the judiciary, and Anushka denies “manipulating her father” for financial reasons.


It looks like the developments in the Delon family disputes are not over. In the latest developments, French star Alain Delon's daughter Anushka on Sunday, January 7, 2023 denied that she has any tax intentions behind her. Desire to take her father to Switzerland, where she lives, she confirmed when she appeared as a guest on the “TF” station. 1″ French TV channel, saying they want to take her father to Switzerland “so he can get treatment.”

This file photo taken on Jan. 04, 2024 shows French actor Anthony Delon and his father, French actor Alain Delon (from left) at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, in May. October 19, 2019, and daughter of Alain Delon, French actress Anushka Delon. © AFP

Anushka's comment comes in response to her half-brother Anthony Dillon accusing her of trying to send their father back to Switzerland for financial reasons.

Anthony Dillon told C News on Friday, January 5, “All these stories about money and inheritance are untrue,” in an interview with Paris Match magazine, accusing Anushka of manipulating her father. Severe stroke in July 2019.

In response, 88-year-old Alain Delon, one of the last greats of French cinema, announced his intention to sue his son for allegedly “harming” him and his daughter Anushka, and he announced a lawsuit. For defamation, threats and harassment.

The French star said in his lawyer's statements, “But what father can bear this matter?” He pointed out that lawyer Alain Delon “couldn't stand his son Anthony's hostility, never stopping to call him an old man,” and made “even more shocking” statements about how he spent last Christmas. His life at the end of last year.

Lawyer Ayella explained that Alain Delon “unlike Anoushka, his son Antony never (…) really cared for him, and even today, he rarely sees him.”

Continuing, he added, “He published a book against himself and used his name again for publicity. Leave me and my daughter alone.”

The lawyer added, “In the first instance, she asked me to file a complaint on the charge of defamation. She also asked me to examine the necessary measures to prevent threats against her and her daughter.”

“The inheritance issue has been resolved,” Delon's son said, “My sister has 50% of my father's total assets. My brother (Alain Fabian) and I have what we call a reserve share, so we have 25%.”

She added, “My brother and I have to respect my father's wishes,” leaving him at his home in the Duchy of Montcarbon in central France and accusing his sister of wanting to “return” the French star to Switzerland, where he is administratively resident. Swiss citizen since 1999.

He continued that Anushka's “concern” was that “my father would be redefined as a French citizen”, which would lead to a “huge tax” after death.

However, Anushka said, “She is being treated in Switzerland for her health condition and is undergoing treatment there. He added, “The only reason I wanted to take him to Switzerland was to get treatment.”

He confirmed that he would undergo a medical in August, “but my brother was strongly against it.”

Alain Delon “is receiving essential treatment, and against the advice of doctors, he has decided to stop this treatment. I don't agree with this, I can't do anything, and it's inappropriate. Say it's for tax reasons.”

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