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Aleppo is back at the forefront of the Syrian economy


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In a new direction for the Syrian government, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his wife, Asma, surprised the people of Aleppo with a private visit for the first time since the start of the Syrian crisis in 2011. This visit attracted. The city’s attention came after the inauguration of a thermal plant in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, the industrial hub of Aleppo, considered the country’s economic capital, as a sign of the Syrian government’s interest in the side.

Al-Assad’s visit to Aleppo is aimed at opening a thermal plant in the countryside of eastern Aleppo, and this plant will produce 200 megawatts, restoring the industrial forces in Aleppo, a clear support of the Syrian government to the famous Aleppo industry. , in light of the economic crisis.

As an extension of Damascus’s interest in the economic capital (Aleppo) and its historical monuments, Asma visited the Seef al-Dawla al-Hamdani school to emphasize the importance of tourism and archeological areas destroyed by five years of war. From the beginning of the crisis until 2016, the city came under the control of Syrian military forces.

Strategic development

The Syrian President’s wife spoke to the people of Aleppo while participating in the closing session of the “Strategy of Straight Street Markets” workshop organized by her organization “Syrian”, according to the President’s website. Hope for development,” you have expressed the most important forms of patriotism, which clings to your city in the first place, despite danger and harsh living conditions. He noted what the people of Aleppo had worked for their city. The country is in a very difficult situation.

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Great interest

The visit of al-Assad and his wife to the city of Aleppo indicates a keen interest from Damascus in the rise of the country’s economic capital and interest in the cultural and historical dimension of the city in the context of the recovery of Syria. The war-torn areas returned to their normal state and worked to bring life back to normal after eleven years of war destroyed Syrian cities.

In 2019, United Nations Research and Training reports that the city of Aleppo, in the north of the country, suffered the worst destruction of the war, with nearly 4,773 buildings destroyed, while 14,680 were severely damaged. The number of partially destroyed buildings is 16,269. These statistics are considered by international organizations as a disaster for Syria’s oldest historical cities, because of the cultural and historical importance of Aleppo, which is registered in the cultural offices of the United Nations (UNESCO). As Aleppo’s historic sites are a source of attraction for Western tourism and archaeologists, observers interested in Syria’s urban and cultural affairs believe the Syrian government is working hard to restore Aleppo to its pre-war condition. Countries.


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