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«Algarve» .. a trip to the secluded beaches and caves of Portugal


The Algarve region is one of Portugal’s most popular tourist destinations, with plenty of sandy beaches, secluded coves, charming little villages, a mild climate and many wonderful tourist attractions.

The only airport in the Algarve is located in the east of the region near the city of Faro, and from this region the western region “Algarve – Cabo de São Vicente” can be reached in less than two hours by rental car.

Suitable for families

The Algarve is divided into two parts: East Algarve and West Algarve, and the East Algarve area is called “Sodavento” and it stretches from the Spanish border to the city of “Faro”, and this area is suitable for families with children, with a large number of sandy beaches that gradually increase in depth.

However, this area is warmer than the western part of the Algarve, known as Parlavento, and the western part near Sagres has dark gray cliffs with high tides.

There are strong ocean currents in this area, and Christoph Regenders, owner of the small “Casa Bella Mora” hotel in Porch, explained: “This area is wonderful, but parents should be careful when taking their children to these beaches.”

The Porches area is part of the western Algarve, but it is full of many bays with soft sandy beaches suitable for families, and the area sees a tourist boom during the tourist season, which lasts from June to September.

3 regions

From a tourism point of view, the Algarve can be divided into three areas, where tourism activity decreases in the eastern part of Faro in Sodavento, in the western part of Parlavento starting from Lagos, and in between these two areas is the eastern part of Parlavento, and the area between Faro and Lagos attracts a large number of tourists.

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Michael Müller, owner of a publishing house, explained: “There are still some towns like Verraguto and Alvor in the west, as well as the town of Olhao in the east, which still retains the charm of a small fishing village, but on the other hand, there are many urban areas like Arma and Quarote.”

Christophe Regenders advised families to stay away from the area between Quarteira and Albufeira, an area that sees many wild parties as many tourists arrive in Faro on low-cost flights from Britain.

East Algarve Tours

Tourists in the Algarve region have many opportunities for exciting excursions, including the nature reserve “Ria Formosa” characterized by ever-changing sandy beaches and many rare bird species. .

Kulatra Island and the fishermen’s village of the same name still retain their original character. Within the framework of the sustainability initiative, a daily excursion is organized to the fishing village of “Olhao” where the fishermen live in the mussel fields of the “Ria Formosa” lake.

Christophe Regenders always advises parents who take their young children to the Algarve to visit Santa Lucia. Ferries go from there to the island of Spapa, and near this area there is a pontoon bridge near the resort of Pietras del Rey, from which a railway starts, which reaches Praia do Parel beach, located 5.1 km away.

Old ships

This island has an area to remove old rusty anchors from old fishing vessels, and tourists should take into account that there are no shady places on these beaches, so be careful to bring sunscreens, umbrellas and clothes to protect against UV radiation, especially with children, do not go to the beach.

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Tourists in the Algarve region have been available since 2019 to visit the salt mine in the interior “Lool” region, and until now the mine receives a maximum of 120 visitors per day, so it is advisable to book a visit in advance by email or phone.

As a real tunnel, tourists descend 230 meters to a depth of 230 meters in three and a half minutes. In English, this guided tour takes about two and a half hours. Tourists walk through a huge maze with wide and high passages.

West Algarve Tours

Tourists in the western Algarve region can take a number of tours around the Algarve, such as visiting the limestone cliffs between “Albufeira” and “Portimao”, and exploring the area by boat.

The caves located near Penangil enjoy a special charm of attracting attention and hence this area sees high number of tourist visits. Tourist companies in Albufeira and Portimao organize tours to see these caves by catamarans or motorized boats, and local fishermen organize tours to visit the caves.

Sports enthusiasts can rent kayaks and paddle around the caves, and swimmers can explore the caves on their own, but be careful in areas frequented by tour boats.

The “Zoomarine” area near “Albufeira” combines a zoo, amusement parks and a water park, so tourists should take their swimwear with them when visiting this area, and they can also enjoy the fish ponds and the lizard garden.

Enjoy a 30-minute show with the dolphins, born and bred at the zoo.These shows are suitable for children from six years old and may appeal to teenagers as well.

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Isolated beaches are one of the advantages of the Western Algarve region, where population density is particularly low in the western region, from Burgau to Sagres, as well as on the west coast to the Algiers region.

• The area is beautiful, but be careful when taking children to the beach.

• Maximum 120 visitors per day to the salt mine.

• 230 meters, the tourist goes underground in three and a half minutes.

• “Ria Formosa” is distinguished by its ever-changing sandy beaches, where many rare bird species breed.


Despite the world-famous Chagres area, due to the wind and high waves, it’s still a destination for surfing enthusiasts. Families can spend less expensive vacations when surfing in simple accommodations, but you should check prices and search the Internet first to review other customer reviews.

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