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Mariam al-Muhairi: The United Arab Emirates places great emphasis on improving food security


His Excellency Mariam Bint Mohammed Al Muhairi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment participated in the “Conference of Ministers of the World Food Security Council” held in Berlin.

The conference, hosted by the German government, brought together ministers from seven industrialized nations, donor nations, countries most vulnerable to food security, representatives of the United Nations, philanthropists and members of civil society organizations. For joint action to improve global food security.

Speaking at a session on “Diplomatic Efforts and Humanitarian Operations”, His Excellency Mariam al-Muhairi said: “The United Arab Emirates attaches great importance to improving food security on a global scale and meeting the challenges associated with it.

As a donor, member of the United Nations Security Council and Chair of the 28th Session of the 28th Session of the 28th Session of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP28) State Parties on Action to Solve the Global Food Crisis and Reduce Hunger.

In this context, he reviewed three areas that could have immediate and long-term impact, including support for social security spending by international financial institutions, as well as investment in resilient food and water systems such as improved irrigation and drought-resistant crops. States, and investment in innovation will increase.

His Excellency Mariam al-Muhairi cited the “Innovation for Climate Agriculture” initiative as a living example of the United Arab Emirates’ commitment to encouraging investment in innovative diets to address food security challenges. Aims to accelerate investment in climate-wise agriculture and food security. Agricultural research, development and innovation will help food producers adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food systems around the world. % Of total emissions.

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He added: “The agricultural innovation climate initiative is now supported by a coalition of more than 200 government and NGO partners, and will increase total investment in sustainable and innovative farming practices to $ 8 billion through COP27.”

Al-Muhairi confirmed that the United Arab Emirates is ready to share its experiences with countries in need, in line with its commitment to support countries facing climate challenges in the agricultural sector.

Regarding helping communities suffering from food security challenges, the Hon’ble said: “The International City for Humanitarian Services, the world’s largest humanitarian logistics center, was established by 54 humanitarian organizations and nine agencies of the United Nations to provide immediate and assistance to those in need.

During his visit to Berlin, His Excellency Maryam Bint Mohammed Al Muhairi held a number of bilateral meetings aimed at enhancing cooperation in tackling the global food crisis.

Al-Muhairi met with German Foreign Minister HE Nils Annan and German Food and Agriculture Minister HE Jim Ozdemir.

He also met with His Excellency Harjit Sagan, the Canadian Minister for International Development in charge of Canada’s Pacific Economic Development Agency.

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