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Algeria’s fire is under control, Greece sighs with relief


Most of the wildfires that have spread across northern Algeria came under control yesterday Friday, particularly in the DC Oso region (Kapili region). High alert position in the face of the proliferation of flame points facilitating heat wave.

Great Algerian victory

After announcing that “all wildfires in Tizi Ouzou have been extinguished”, the Civil Defense announced that “five fires” had erupted in the state. According to a recent Civil Defense report, firefighters and volunteers are battling 35 fires in 11 other governorates, including Gigel, Bejaya and Pamar Mardes.

In all, 76 out of 100 fires were extinguished in 15 governorates across the country on Thursday. On Thursday, two French planes took part in efforts in the Kabili region, and on Friday three other water bombs from Spain and Switzerland joined. Authorities say at least 71 people died in the “fake” fire, which was caused by intense heat.

Mohamed Old Youssef, governor of the forests of DC Oso, revealed that the fire in the state had led to the destruction of 20,000 hectares. Old Youssef appealed to citizens not to stay in their homes near fires and to go to shelters, noting that the air temperature would continue to rise.

And Tunisia

In neighboring Tunisia, about 30 fires have been reported since last Monday in the mountains of the northwest and central west of the country due to the heat wave, where many families have been evacuated.

Greece sighs with relief

A spokesman for the Greek Fire Brigade said Friday: “Since Thursday, there has not been a major active lead; rather scattered pockets,” thanks to rain and low temperatures in many parts of the country. Are still vigilant to face the dangers of coming back.The same source.Heavy winds are expected today, Saturday and tomorrow on Sundays, which will accelerate the spread of the fire.

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In horrific scenes, more than 100,000 hectares of forest have been burned in Greece since the end of July. The fire burned hundreds of homes and small businesses on the island of Evia, two hundred kilometers northeast of Athens, and the suburbs of the Beloponnese and Greater Athens.

Extending risk in southern Europe

France hastily sent three firefighters to Greece, to Sicily, and to its neighbor Calabria, which is handling similar fires, to indicate that this summer fire season in Europe is not over yet and only its front part has moved.

Italy is currently going through an anticyclone called “Lucifer” (Satan), which recorded a maximum temperature of 48.8 degrees Celsius in Sicily, which may be a new record in Europe.

In the wake of the fire that killed four people, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced on Thursday evening that “a relief plan for the affected people and institutions, in parallel with a special plan for redesign”.

In Spain, the fire spread to three parts of the northern part of the country, Aragon, Rioja and Catalonia, which were destroyed by the heat. The Catalan fire appeared to be particularly dangerous as it affected the protected forest area of ​​41 hectares. Hundreds of firefighters battled the blaze, which broke out on an area of ​​about 75 hectares off Targauna beach. On Friday, the third day of the heat wave, the National Weather Service warned that fire risk was “high”, “very high” or “extreme” in almost all Spain.

In Portugal, the government placed 14 of the 18 regions on fire alarm system from yesterday afternoon until midnight on Friday, Friday. Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa said, “We already know that the next few days will be difficult. He called on the people to avoid” dangerous behaviors “, citing the” permanent challenge posed by climate change. “

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