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PlayStation 4 Pro PlayStation Price 2021. Living House in Saudi Arabia


PlayStation 4 Pro Price PlayStation A Saudi Arabia 2021 Many citizens are looking for in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia From time to time, Google searches for the best electronic devices to play, especially from fans of action electronic games that are not found in any Arab home. PlayStation 4 Pro Price PlayStation A Saudi Arabia 2021 The aggression of many through social media sites, with the aim of making those games fun and escaping from the state of boredom.

PlayStation 4 Pro Price New in Saudi Arabia for 2022

Many PlayStation 4 Pro fans are trying PlayStation Knowing all the specifications of the PlayStation 4, they will buy, especially if they have other earlier versions.

Most Important Notes on the PlayStation 4 Pro PlayStation 4 Pro In Saudi Arabia: –

First: The device weighs 3.3 kg.

Second: The PlayStation 4 Pro comes with stronger specifications than the previous PlayStation 4.

Third: – PlayStation 4 Pro allows you to enjoy playing at very high resolution up to 1080 mega pixels.

Fourth: – The frame rate of the device is 60 per second, knowing that it supports technology HDR.

Fifth: The PlayStation 4 Pro comes with one hand to control with the possibility of buying another hand.

Sixth: – Eight cores, one graphics processor Jaguar Graphics processing power up to 4.2 teraflops.

Seventh: 8GB capacity and 1TB hard disk.

Eighth: – The device has two ports USB , One behind the other for fun with your glasses (glasses) PlayStation VR)

Ninth: – The device uses 310 watts.

Tenth: – Possibility to connect via Bluetooth via PlayStation 4.

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It comes with a powerful touchscreen that allows the player to learn the skills within the game.

Finally: – The player can receive notifications during the game.

  1. Price of PlayStation 4 in Saudi Arabia, 500 GB, 1379 Saudi Riyals with three games.
  2. Price of PlayStation 4 in Saudi Arabia, 1 TB + 2 games + one month subscription free, priced at 16.9 Saudi Riyal.
  3. PlayStation 4 price in Saudi Arabia, 1 TB + 2 controllers + FIFA 20 game, 1724 Saudi Riyal.
  4. Price of PlayStation 4 in Saudi Arabia 500GB + 3 Games – 827 Rials.

PlayStation 4 Pro 2021 Price

Price of PlayStation 4 Pro PlayStation In Saudi Arabia, about 1495 Saudi Riyals.

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