March 25, 2023

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Alignment of the planets "Venus, Saturn and Jupiter" in the dome of the sky |  Today

Alignment of the planets “Venus, Saturn and Jupiter” in the dome of the sky | Today

B. Is doneThe sky in the Arab worldToday, Jupiter, November 25, the planets Venus, Saturn and Jupiter line up in the dome of the sky as they appear closer to each other and can be seen with the naked eye.

All three planets are observed after sunset and the beginning of night, and these planets are generally visible to the naked eye, but they do not always line up in a pattern higher than all the other stars in the sky.

With all three planets appearing above the southwest horizon, Venus is bright, followed by Jupiter and Saturn, so there is no need to use a telescope.

It is noteworthy that this tripartite planetary meeting will be visible for several days until the end of November.

This means the alignment of the planets, collecting them completely in a straight line, and the fact that the planets do not rotate properly in the same plane, but rather the planets oscillate in different orbits in three-dimensional space. This causes complete incompatibility between them, and the word was started, the alignment of the planets as they orbit the same common part of the sky, and the alignment of the planets to two or three planets simultaneously. .

In March 2021, it began to observe with the naked eye the alignment of the three planets, namely: Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn, and they were aligned in their orbits, giving the appearance of an optical effect. The existence of planets in the same line, and in December 2020, both planets Saturn and Jupiter were paired, and this phenomenon occurs once every 20 years, and Jupiter and Saturn were very close and appeared in the sky in the form of a large star. It is known for the great contacts that occur once every 400 years.

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