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Ambiguity between US conditions and Israel’s plans for the paths of the war in Gaza


US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan has sought to play down differences between the US and Israel over the war against Hamas in Gaza, insisting that Washington and Tel Aviv will slow down the fighting and move to a more targeted phase of the war. Hamas leaders and precision intelligence operations. . Sullivan declined to specify a time frame for the end of the war, saying he did not want to send war plans to the enemy, but the differences between the two sides on war and post-war plans were clear, and there were many question marks. The results of Sullivan’s visit raised questions about the extent of Israel’s responsiveness to US demands and the extent of the US’s ability to influence and pressure Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

Close and objective discussions

Although a senior US official described Sullivan’s meetings and discussions with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of the Israeli wartime government as “intimate, objective and detailed” discussions, analysts pointed to US efforts to demonstrate its ability to influence the Israeli government. The terms and duration of the war faced a heavy blow. Sullivan’s visit to Israel and his discussions with Netanyahu’s cabinet ministers failed to change Israel’s position and policies on continuing the war, and Netanyahu imposed his vision on the United States to prolong the war for several months until “a clear victory over (Hamas)”.

US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan during a press conference at the US Embassy in Israel on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas (Reuters)

Sullivan’s task was to deliver the message to Israel that the war must end within weeks, that the military bombardment must change to avoid civilian casualties, and that the Palestinian Authority must play a role in managing the Gaza Strip. Israeli responses dismissed the American messages.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Sullivan’s meetings in Israel failed to make progress on three basic issues: reducing the number of civilian casualties, setting a deadline for the end of the war and the future of the Gaza Strip. Sullivan was forced to announce that Washington agreed with Tel Aviv in accepting Tel Aviv’s vision of pursuing Hamas leader Yahya, pointing to what he called “a new, different phase” of targeting Hamas leaders. Sinwar, the commander of the military division, Muhammad al-Deef, and his deputy, Marwan Isa.

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Palestinian Authority

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas with Jack Sullivan in Ramallah on Friday (Palestine Information Office – AFP)

Sullivan’s meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on Friday morning raised questions about the US proposal for a “renewed Palestinian Authority” and the Biden administration’s vision for a post-war arrangement with the current Palestinian Authority. According to a senior US official – the reintroduction of forces would mean that the Palestinian Security Forces would take control of the Gaza Strip after the end of the war and act as the nucleus for maintaining peace and security in Gaza. One of the plans in Washington’s vision for security arrangements in Gaza after the war.

But this view raises Israel’s strong opposition to any role for the Palestinian Security Forces in Gaza, and Israel’s desire to maintain an open and unconditional security presence in the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu rejects the establishment of a Palestinian state, and rejects the Biden administration’s vision of Palestinian Authority control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip as a step toward establishing a Palestinian state. Washington, on the other hand, has not disclosed details of its vision for revitalizing and renewing the Palestinian Authority and whether there are changes in power, appointing a vice president or holding general elections.

In his meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas, Sullivan emphasized the need for a comprehensive reform of the Palestinian Authority’s governance system and representation of the Palestinian people. These reforms, and it was emphasized that the Palestinian Authority would take over the administration of the Gaza Strip and its security in the next step.

Gregory Trevorton, the head of the Obama administration’s National Intelligence Committee, told The Conversation that Netanyahu’s far-right leanings have made it more difficult for the Biden administration to exert influence and pressure on Israel, and it lacks understanding. The Israeli goal of “end-game” with the Israeli desire to occupy Gaza, and reject the return of… the Palestinian Authority, rejects the two-state solution. Regardless of the war’s paths, Trevorton points out that it is certain that the Hamas movement has succeeded in putting the idea of ​​establishing a Palestinian state on the global agenda, and that Netanyahu will have to deal with the matter at some point.

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Israeli soldiers and ongoing military operations on the Gaza border (AP)

Netanyahu’s conditions for ending the war

The Israeli prime minister set two key conditions for ending the war: first, Israel maintaining security control over Gaza, and second, rejecting the return of the Palestinian Authority, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, to replace Gaza’s ruling “Hamas”. , there are proposals and ideas about creating a multinational force to control Gaza and establishing a civilian leadership to oversee Gaza. Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and development of plans to prevent the resurgence of Hamas and ensure its disarmament.

For his part, John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator at the US National Security Council, proposed three conditions to end the war. Speaking to reporters at a press conference Thursday evening, he explained that Washington wants the war between Israel and Hamas to end soon, and that the war could end if Hamas leader Yahya Shinwar and all other movement leaders surrender. Surrender and lay down their arms, they freed all the hostages. Kirby added: “If Chinwar does the right thing, lays down his arms, surrenders and returns all the hostages, the war will end today, but that doesn’t seem likely now.”

Hamas leader Yahya Shinwar in Gaza (Reuters)

Yahya al-Sanwar

A senior official explained to reporters during a telephone conference Thursday evening that Hamas leader Yahya Shinwar’s days are numbered. Current Israeli military operations. The reports raised questions about plans to target Hamas leaders, and whether the ousting of the movement’s leader, Yahya Shinwar, would lead to an end to the war, or at least a shortening of its duration?

An Israeli military spokesman described Shinwar (age 61) as a “dead man walking,” and Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant vowed to eliminate all Hamas leaders. Israel hopes that killing Shinwar will de-escalate the war and take steps to destroy Hamas. Military infrastructure is very strict. On the other hand, the United States believes that an early end to the war would be in Israel’s best interest as the Biden administration comes under heavy criticism on the international stage and faces growing anger in American public opinion and divisions. Due to numerous civilian casualties within the Democratic Party and the White House.

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Sinwar is believed to be responsible for the October 7 attack, so Washington and Tel Aviv agree that targeting him would be legally and morally justified, but there is growing suspicion that targeting Sinwar and other senior Hamas leaders could weaken the movement. But it cannot and it leads to its elimination. Israeli forces’ losses in Khan Yunis demonstrated the ability of Hamas to engage in street warfare and inflict casualties on Israeli forces, and raised questions about Israel’s ability to target Hamas leaders without destroying an entire area.

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