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UAE residents expect electric and hybrid vehicles to dominate the future


Al-Futtaim Automotive Group, one of the most important business units of Al-Futtaim Group and a strategic partner for electric transportation for the recently concluded COP28 Conference of Parties, revealed the results of its comprehensive study. YouGov polled 2,008 people to find out the most important views of residents in the UAE and the challenges they face… Adoption of electric vehicles.

Reflecting a shift in the landscape of transportation options, views showed significant shifts, with 64% of participants expressing concerns about the environmental impact of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. In the coming years.

26% of those who do not currently own an electric vehicle expressed an interest in purchasing one within the next 12 months, while 50% of participants said they would consider moving to electric vehicles in the same period. Adoption of electric vehicles.

63% of respondents expressed their willingness to adopt electric vehicles as their primary means of transportation within a period of 6 months to two years, indicating that the trend toward sustainable transportation is greatly accelerating.

The strong interest in electric vehicles indicates a level of strong customer confidence in the development of charging infrastructure in the UAE, as 73% of people expect charging stations to spread every few kilometers in the next five years.

Consumers expect electric vehicles to become widespread in the future, with a third of respondents expecting 30-50% of the UAE population to drive electric vehicles or hybrid cars by 2030.

Exceed expectations

Katib Belkhouja, Director of Customer Focus at Al-Futtaim Automotive Group, said: “The results of the survey exceeded our expectations, especially since 63% of participants chose electric vehicles as their primary means of transport. The results were not only positive, but also provided clear evidence of the evolution of consumer sentiments towards electric transport in the UAE. Conducting this survey was a very important step for Al-Futaim Automotive Group as it gave us an accurate understanding of the customer mindset. Especially in the context of COP28.”

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Safety concerns (49%), servicing costs (44%), limited charging infrastructure (41%), long battery life (41%) and resale value (32%) are the top barriers to EV adoption.

68% of participants believe that electric vehicles are more expensive than conventional fuel vehicles, which may prevent consumers from adopting electric vehicles.

Charging electric vehicles is a major source of concern, especially since 44% of people cannot install a charging station at home.

Belkhoja added: “There is no doubt that we have some hurdles to overcome, but the results have strengthened our confidence in the electric transportation strategies we want to achieve. Also, our commitment to improving the electric transportation system is direct and clear. Answers to most of the concerns that prevent the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.” The system includes a wide range of electric vehicles and our charging station (Pay2MoveIn addition to imparting training in the field of electric transport to the post-sales level. We are also the only automotive group in the region committed to offering these hybrid electric vehicles, so we are confident that we can accelerate the green transition and fulfill our commitment to increase the rate of sales of new energy vehicles. 50% of total car sales and installation of 10% charging stations in the country. Our main goal is to provide global access to electric vehicles by 2030, offering a range of electric mobility products at different prices and performance capabilities. Addressing a key pricing perception that the majority of customers have regarding the prices of electric vehicles versus conventional fuel vehicles.”

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Influential factors

When it came to the list of factors influencing the decisions of the study participants to encourage more people to move towards electric vehicles, the speed of time required to charge (54%), increase in the number of charging stations (54%) ), and developments in battery technology (54%) topped the list. ), and increased driving range (52%).

Belgoja concluded by saying: “The results of the survey are useful for us at Al-Futaim Group and the wider industry, especially as they clearly demonstrate the important factors that can accelerate the transition towards sustainable transport in the UAE.”

Since 2008, Al-Futaim Motors Group has focused on leading transformation efforts towards environmentally friendly transportation solutions in the UAE, as it was the first company to introduce alternative transportation solutions in the country by offering hybrid vehicles in partnership with Toyota. First car group to offer hybrid vehicles for taxi companies. Over the past two years, the group has accelerated its focus on electric transportation solutions through several pioneering initiatives.

The group has launched best-in-class brands in the new energy vehicle sector, including Polestar, Volvo Cars, BYD, Toyota, Lexus and the Volvo Group (heavy electric trucks, buses and construction equipment) in the UAE. It is keen to develop its own charging technology in the UAE. Pay2MoveIt has launched the region’s first Automotive Industry Institute accredited training center for electric vehicle technicians.

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