March 25, 2023

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American war game that tests satellites under attack

American war game that tests satellites under attack

Computer-assisted simulations include the tracking and jamming of US satellite tracking missiles. Satellites, And other “effects” of electronic warfare, which is one of the possible modes of space warfare, while not the use of real satellites in the maneuver.

During a visit to the “Shriver” space base in Colorado, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks witnessed the “space flag” maneuver carried out by the U.S. space force.

This is the nineteenth exercise of its kind, and the third such exercise involving partners from the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Leaders of the Ministry of Defense are wanderingPentagon) US sites this week, during the administration of the President Of the past The 2023 draft budget, and the Ministry of Defense hopes to allocate a budget for the military to block China and Russia.

After Russia successfully tested an anti-satellite missile last month, U.S. officials believe the need for the U.S. satellite network to resist attacks and use opportunities such as space flags for training has increased.

Satellites are important for military communications and need global stabilization systems and time in case of an explosion War.

The 10-day war maneuver seeks to simulate the latest U.S. capabilities in the aerospace industry, and the training includes a team working to simulate an occupying country with space power, such as Russia or China.

Russia was not the first country to launch an anti-satellite test in space.

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