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Scientists go a long way in search of aliens and other extraterrestrial life, although some types of life on Earth are different than humans can imagine, from the strangeness of those who inhabit distant worlds. L’Obs The French are a series of 10 beasts with strange powers, or at least one cannot imagine what they really are by their appearance.

In an article by Jean-Paul Fritz, the magazine gives a summary of these wonderful and at the same time exotic animals that are realistic creatures that live in nature.

If the injury is not serious, the salamander regenerates every injured organ (shutterstock)

Regenerating salamander (Oxolotl)

This small Mexican native has a strange face that lives in the water for the rest of its life, has a hairy pump behind its head, and most of the time it remains in the larval stage without changing into its adult form. Does not prevent reproduction.

This animal has regenerative abilities that have attracted the attention of the scientific community. He regenerates joints, heart, lungs, jaw and eyes, rebuilding part of his brain if damaged, all without scars.

“This animal regenerates every injured organ, otherwise it is dangerous,” says Parker Flowers of Yale University, who is part of a team that studies the amazing salamander gene, so it is invaluable to researchers interested in the human body’s ability to repair itself. Its natural environment is in danger of extinction.

Naked mole rat cold-blooded, fur-free mammal (uric alert)

Rodent that lives like an ant

Scientists call it “heterocival”, meaning its head is irregular, but most people call it the “naked mole rat” because it has no hair, and it is almost deaf and blind, but it has some amazing characteristics, the most important of which Its way of life, it lives in the colonies in the mines, with a very strict social hierarchy and under the power of the queen, i.e. it is close to the system known to most insects.

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The mole has a language or languages ​​such as slipping, and recent studies have shown that each colony has its own dialect, and the mother decides which language to speak in her colony.

And the mouse has another amazing feature. It is a cold-blooded mammal that does not feel much pain and can survive by “becoming vegetative” or more precisely in an oxygen deficient environment. In the same way that plants do. Presented by Professor Thomas Park Group of the University of Illinois (University of Illinois).

What attracts the attention of biologists and geneticists to this animal is its anti-cancer immunity, researchers at the University of Cambridge found that these animals are just as susceptible to cancer as other organisms, but the way their cells are organized in their body is a mechanism to fight the disease.

In 2007, a water bear was sent to the International Space Station (Shutterstock) for a scientific space experiment.

A bear cub on the moon

The animal was transferred to the International Space Station and studied, and it is found all over the planet, and an Israeli study of a few thousand of them fell to the surface of the moon in April 2019, and the creatures survived despite being mostly dormant.

Although tiny, the teddy bear has immense abilities. It can withstand slow walking and vacuum of space, temperatures close to absolute zero, boiling water, dangerous radiation and rifle bullets.

The creature can survive in hostile environments because it hardens completely and then returns to life, but the only downside is that global warming is detrimental to it, and a team of scientists at the University of Copenhagen has shown that water bears do not like long-term temperatures.

The bubble is a single-celled organism that does not have a brain, but is highly intelligent (French)

Bubble .. brainless memory

This bubble is of interest to humans after water bears, and it is not an animal, plant, bacterium, mold or virus. From interconnected tubes several meters long, it has no organs and can learn and communicate, not just the brain.

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The teacher wondered: How to memorize without neurons? But French researchers at the Center for Animal Knowledge Research explained that in 2019 the knob “learns to tolerate by absorbing an object”, and this year a German team shed light on the mystery, saying that the organism’s network system “acts as a reminder of the past”. Karen Alim is the co-author of this study.

The animal has risen 24,000 years later

The author states that a micro-animal arose from 24,000 years of dormancy because these microorganisms were discovered by a Russian team in the permafrost of Siberia, which was able to determine the history of the frozen soil layer, but that this body was not a simple bacterium, but a multicellular genus that did genetically modified.

The Russian team points out that its research so far has produced strong evidence that it can withstand tens of thousands of years when their metabolism comes to a complete standstill.

The “indestructible jellyfish” is known to be the only animal capable of returning to childhood (the island).

Jellyfish live forever

The “indestructible jellyfish” is known to be the only animal capable of returning to childhood. It moves to an egg, then a larva, then a polyp, then an adult. It is a jellyfish that swims lazily in the water, but it can grow upside down and return to the state of backwaters.

Multi-colored bird with an unpleasant odor

This bird, though not a relative of the wasp, shares its olfactory properties. It is a beautiful, multi-colored bird that is known for its stench to the size of a dill, and it feeds only on the leaves.

Hodgkin has a chicken-like weak wing, and, like cows, has many pouches in the stomach where digestion occurs slowly, and it is the rotting leaves in its digestive system that produce the odor. It lives in the tropical forests of South America.

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A panda ant lives in Chile and has a sting you will not hesitate to use (communication sites)

“Panda Ant”

It is known by this name because it resembles a small panda, has extra pairs of legs, and those who do not know the taxonomy of the insect may think it is an ant because “Espinola” (Euspinolia) and its relatives are similar to “Velvet ants” ants, although they are very close relatives to wasps. No wings.

The panda ant lives in Chile, it has a stick that does not hesitate to use, and lays eggs between the larvae of bees and other wasp species, feeding on the larvae of their hosts.

The giant squid is a mythical beast

The giant squid is not entirely large, and the largest adult animal ever found weighs a ton and is about 13 meters long. It lives in the deepest depths and feeds on fish and other squid. It was first seen in 2006.

In early 2020, scientists were able to sequester the gene of the giant squid, which contains 2.7 billion basic pairs, or 90% of the size of the human genome, and the eyes of this creature are 30 centimeters in diameter, the largest in the entire animal kingdom, but it does not live more than about 5 years.

This mollusk female has special paddle-like arms and a ceramic hole secretes the thickness of a sheet (shutterstock).

Boating Argonauts .. Mollusks of the Year

The “Argonauts” Mollusk had no other special abilities other than its appearance, which won the “Mollusk 2021” beauty contest because the panel of experts selected 5 contestants out of 120 nominations, and online viewers voted for the winner. The “argonaut” type was announced on the first of last February.

The female shoots of these mollusks have special arms similar and secrete a ceramic hole as thick as a sheet, which looks like a boat to protect her eggs.

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