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Amna Al-Dahhak: Two Pathways to Accelerate Implementation of Climate Education Globally


He revealed to Al-Khalij the outcome of COP 28 and the trends in education after that

Dubai: Mohammed Ibrahim
Dr. Amna Al Tahaq Al Shamsi, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for the Department of Skill Development, revealed the most important results of the Green Education Center from Saeed Land at the COP 28 Conference of the Parties. It covers in-depth discussions of climate and environmental issues, targeting different sectors and sectors in different countries of the world.
Al-Khalij reports that discussions and meetings with education ministers from around the world conducted by the center, with the participation of 13 representatives from education ministries, focused on two important tracks. Educational resources that can be delivered to other education systems, as well as providing a model open source, to accelerate the use of climate education in different countries of the world.

He said the second track focuses on participatory work to develop a tool to measure the impact of the carbon footprint on education systems around the world and the extent of its contribution to achieving the Paris Agreement and the goals of the Conference of Parties.
Commitments by 40 countries
He added that the Center hosted the first meeting of the Global Partnership for Green Education in collaboration with UNESCO to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in education systems, where 40 countries declared their commitment to climate education, its pathways and capabilities. This number is increasing, especially after the development of commitments to achieve the desired goals, in collaboration with UNESCO.
He explained that the Partnership for Green Education Framework has adopted several initiatives and platforms, especially the Coherence and Application Model, which will be applied to the developed framework for training teachers and workers in the education sector. Climate education in classrooms and outdoor classrooms at the level of the school environment and at the community level.
Main engine
Teachers and educators are key drivers in the implementation of climate education frameworks and guides, and in collaboration with several organizations led by UNICEF, the Educators’ Voice Platform was launched, developed in collaboration with the Office of Climate Education. , and through Alef Educational Solutions, to create a global participation platform to enable employees interested in climate education in the education sector to communicate its principles and pathways to classrooms in their schools, as well as to enable teachers to share their ideas and education. To work with resources and participation, not at the local level; But globally.
Speaking about the number of visitors to the Green Education Center at COP 28, he said, “We expect around 50,000 visitors over 13 days to contribute to increasing social awareness and promoting climate education at national and global levels.” Monday’s viewership reached 45,000 viewers, while we were expecting not more than 18,000 viewers from various genres. The increase in attendance during COP28 can be attributed to the quality experience the Center provides through discussions and consultations. Targeting all types of academic communities, it also showcases all the initiatives being implemented by the Ministry, the objectives of the National Program and the projects of the participants.
Trends in Ministry
In his position on the Ministry’s trends after COP 28, Al-Dahaq said the Ministry’s goals were clear even before the Conference of the Parties began; It draws a road map for achieving sustainability in the academic community and its various institutions. Emphasizes that the pre-Conference of Parties phase is an establishment phase, with a full focus on developing specific pathways to achieve accelerators for the implementation of climate education at the national level, through a program that brings together the Ministry and its strategic partners. In preparation for development and implementation of recommendations.
He revealed that the ministry would organize a national level “green education retreat” in collaboration with partners to implement initiatives and categorize them as “establishing or sustainable”. Later after ratification, but implementation after the Conference of the Parties is not defined at the national level; Instead, climate education will be a fundamental goal within the global agenda, in collaboration with various international organizations that we collaborated with during the preparation phase to transfer these practices to the education system in the Emirates and other education systems. , especially since climate change knows no bounds and excludes no one, to achieve solutions that ensure the sustainability of the Earth, everyone must cooperate, and the efforts of all sectors must be combined to protect the planet.

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