June 3, 2023

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Amr Youssef’s advice to the son of a famous artist after participating in the show “Al Dom” | News

Nisar Nasser Seef, son of artist Nasser Seep, saw the contestant’s appearance in front of a panel of judges, including Yusra, Marwan Hamad and Amr Youssef.

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When Nizar Nasser Saif finished his presentation, he praised Yusra and said, “I will say OK without a mediator.”

He added: “There is no media in the world that can enter you in the heart of the audience. What happened, we saw many.”

The show will air on the ON Channel on Thursdays and Fridays at 10pm. The “Al Dom” project was started by United for media services and is produced by Media Hub Saadi – Jawahar.

Nisar Nasser Saif
Judgment opinion

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