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“An anti-democratic mother” Mona El-Shassley talks about her daughters for the first time .. Look at their beauty in a rare picture!


Amir Fati wrote on Sunday, January 16, 2022 02:45 AM – The lives of celebrities in the Arab world always shine a light on knowing everything about their lives, especially at the family level, looking for pioneers ” Social media “Among the hidden aspects of artists’ lives, the most important are that their family members are far from the light, including the Egyptian media.”Mona L. ShawleyWho recently spoke about his relationship with his daughters, which is not known to the public.

The media, Mona El-Shassley, revealed her personal life for the first time during a show in which she participated as a guest for the first time, along with Fatima Mustafa, the presenter of the show “Radio Behtak” in the media. On the radio 90.90.

She is the mother of three daughters, two of whom are twins, she said: “I do not have democracy because there are basics, and I see motherhood as sacred, and my work is next to home, and I can be in a meeting and in an emergency, I tell myself, Take a break for an hour and reconsider it, this time I go, it happened to my daughters, I see what happened.

Introduction added,Plan with you“I can go to work because I do not do my homework, someone who is absent from school, can not wait for him after the film, to be honest, I will leave them because motherhood is important, and I sympathize with every working mother, because it I realized how difficult it was.

A rare photo that witnessed the single appearance of my daughter Mona L-Shassley,

Regarding raising her husband and their three daughters, Mona El-Shassley explained: “I do not agree with my husband on how women are raised, he often loves them and opposes the way I raise them.

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She also touched the kitchen and said: “There are so many foods they ask me for, because in our basics, eating is my home, and our kitchen is always full, and we always need work, it will be in the kitchen for us, the heart of the house, and family reunions, we walk with the season in the winter, We respond to the food he saw and so on.

Asala and her four children are guests of Mona L-Shassley “with you” on Cbc

On the other hand, media host Mona al-Shasli, the Syrian star Asala Nasri And the Egyptian star Ahmed Chad. As guests on his “With You” show airing on the channel CBC, Next Thursday and Friday at nine o’clock at night, surprisingly, for the first time, Asala arrives on the episode with her four children Sham and Khalid al-Tahabi and Adam and Ali al-Arian.

Mona Al-Shasli shared the video clip from the ad of the original episode with her fans and followers through her personal account on the popular photo and video exchange site.Instagram“.

He commented: “Sola .. Throughout the year, the love of a million stories is with you, Mona L-Shassley, Thursday and Friday .. Surprise Asala’s presence of children .. Wait for us.”

Mona L-Shassley from its inception to the present day

The media is ready Mona L. Shawley She is one of the most important female media professionals in the Arab world.

Mona L-Shasley began her career as a show host through the ART network in the late 1990s, first appearing on a number of light shows and later presenting entertainment programs, including “Don’t Go Tonight”, and in 2003 changed her skin in the Mona L-Shasley presentation industry. In the same year, I presented the project “I have not seen, I have not heard, I have not spoken” to present the project.

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After that, Mona went to the El-Shassley Dream Channel to embark on a new journey in the field of media, and in 2005 she hosted the show “Ten in the Evening” until 2012.

Then went Mona El Shawley MBC Egypt That same year, he presented the “A Useful Sentence” program for only one year, and dropped it in 2013.

Then I went to the channel CBC He is currently on it, and Mona El-Shassley has avoided giving politically relevant shows, and he is currently presenting “with you”.

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