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Abortion is permitted in the first forty years if it threatens the health of the surviving mother: Bahrain criminalizes abortion that is harmful to woman and fetus


Hota Abdel Hameed

Imam and pastor of the Sunni Foundation and lecturer on Sharia Institutions in the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs. According to Ahmad al-Tois, the consensus is that after injecting the soul into the womb, it must know that it cannot be dissolved. Curiosity is as real as a disease, or it is difficult for a woman to conceive, and it can stress or aggravate her disease.

Added Dr. As for the ruling that abortion should be done without any reason, so it does not have the desired effect, there is a tendency to prevent it, and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) insisted on multiplication when they said so. On the Day of Resurrection I will multiply your nations and multiply them.

He pointed out that some women use certain medical drugs to abort without reason or interest.

He added: That is why the authorities in many Islamic countries, including our beloved kingdom, are keen to condemn this act because it is first and foremost harmful to the woman and the fetus, and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) says: There is no harm or harm.

Harm still exists in our Sharia and has never been recognized, which is one of the beauties of Islamic Sharia.

Almighty God said of the infallible soul, “Whoever saves it, he has saved all mankind.”

And he added: Here, too, we warn against dealing with unlicensed parties, internally or externally, to obtain abortion drugs, unfortunately some women seek out Sharia judgment or ignorance of their knowledge, but they may be lenient. That.

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We need to know that this act is contrary to God’s command to obey the guardianship entrusted by Sharia to maintain the lives of the people and to look after them according to their interests, in accordance with legal politics. And complicated evils such as observance of the rules and the loss of life and harm to the health of the mothers who may be affected by these drugs.And I ask the Lord to show us the way by giving up all that is harmful to society and individuals. That’s true.

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