June 2, 2023

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An Egyptian artist “mocks” the image of Mohammed Ramadan with dollars

A photo posted by Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan has sparked a lot of controversy on social media sites and news sites.

Among those who reacted to the photo was Egyptian artist Khaled Sarhan, who posted a photo on his Facebook account of himself riding a “microbus” with torn seats, next to him, some papers of a few people. Pounds were scattered on the seat next to him.

At a time when Ramadan appears in the “image of dollars” of luxury and indifference to his money, Sarhan appears in his sarcastic shot, with simple clothes and a pitiful expression on his face.

Khaled Sarhan responds to Ramadan with “Some Pounds”.

mentioned on the siteEgyptians todayRamalan removed the photo from his accounts hours after it was posted, after it came under heavy criticism from the public and some media outlets.

Muhammad Ramadan, whose dramas have reached huge audiences in recent Ramadan seasons, has previously sparked a lot of debate on social media due to his penchant for publishing aspects of his extravagant life.

One of the situations that sparked outrage was when the “Number One” released pictures of his luxury cars “Lamborghini Aventador” and “Rolls-Royce Ghost” about three years ago. He was taken aback by the harsh attacks on him not only from the audience but also from some of his colleagues in the art community.

He came under heavy criticism after appearing in a bathtub and throwing money in every direction, but later claimed it was taken from a commercial.

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