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An essential drink in Ramadan

A phenolic extract extracted from the flowers of the Hibiscus plant works by inhibiting the activity of a digestive enzyme called lipase, leading to weight loss without side effects.

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According to information published by the “New Atlas” website, some obese people may need additional factors in addition to diet and lifestyle changes to lose excess weight. New Atlas Cited from International Journal of Food Science and Technology.

A new study shows that hibiscus flower extract can help reduce excess weight by eliminating fat, without the side effects of weight loss drugs. Building on previous research, scientists at the Royal Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, began. RMIT By extracting antioxidant compounds called phenols and hydroxycitric acid from the flowers of the Hibiscus plant.

Separate batches of human stem cells were treated with a phenolic extract or hydroxycitric acid to induce their transformation into fat cells. Although the acid had no effect on fat cells, fat cells derived from stem cells treated with phenol were found to contain 95% less lipids than a control group of untreated cells. The RMIT scientists discovered that the phenolic extract works by inhibiting the activity of a digestive enzyme called lipase.

The enzyme lipase normally breaks down ingested fat into smaller pieces that can be absorbed through the intestinal walls. Excess fat, which the body does not need for energy, is quickly stored in fat cells. Australian scientists concluded that by preventing lipase from doing its job, hibiscus phenols allow these fats to pass through the digestive tract.

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It is now believed that this extract can be incorporated into health products without side effects such as high blood pressure, which is sometimes caused by some drugs used for weight loss.