February 7, 2023

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NBK calls for a balanced distribution of mental health services

NBK calls for a balanced distribution of mental health services

Abu Dhabi: Salam Abu Shehab
Members of the Federal National Council’s Health and Environmental Affairs Committee called for a balanced distribution of mental health services across the country to facilitate access to patients. Explains that some regions and cities do not have mental health services.
Gulf News said in a parliamentary statement that it received a copy: The committee members came to this conclusion while preparing a report on the policy of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare on mental health. 5 field visits to government hospitals, group meetings with representatives of government departments and local and local seminars, as well as group discussions conducted by them, the level of care provided to patients, and the level of care provided to patients.
Nama Al-Sharhan, Second Council Vice-Chair and Chair of the Committee on Health and Environment, said: “We have made great efforts to appreciate and appreciate the efforts we have made during our field trip and the results of the meetings that have taken place. To build communities and families, there was a discrepancy in the services provided by mental health facilities to mentally ill patients, thus causing some patients not to benefit from psychotherapy services and increasing the pressure on mental health units. In hospitals. The psychological factor has emerged significantly after the “corona” infection. He pointed out that some emirates have special facilities for the treatment of mental illness, while other emirates do not have units. Demanding the need to work towards achieving a balance of health services provided to the mentally ill, and inquiring into the efforts and initiatives being taken by the Ministry to achieve equality among health officials related to mental services.
Somaya Al-Suwaidi said: We have visited many government hospitals and seen many achievements that we can be proud of in mental health, but there are some challenges that we have to stand up to. During the field visit, we noticed a lack of uniform distribution of psychiatric services in all parts of the country, and there is a shortage in psychiatric wards and clinics, with some patients not benefiting from psychotherapy services. Due to the shortage of specialists, closing child psychiatric hospitals in some hospitals has been a challenge.
He said: We hope to see many achievements in expanding mental health in all the emirates of the country in the next phase. He stressed the importance of having a psychiatrist in every health center, to address many mental health challenges, and before cases increase through health centers, he was referred to the situation.
Shata al-Nakbi said: Through the panel’s discussion on the mold of the Ministry of Health and Social Security, the panel focused on expanding the scope of comprehensive and integrated mental health services and promoting the prevention of mental disorders in community members. There are imbalances in the delivery of health services, but there are many treatment centers that are not properly distributed among the Emirates. There is an increase and stress in the psychiatric wards of hospitals and there is a shortage of health services in other hospitals.
Representatives of the Ministry of Health Services and the Emirates Foundation said: “There are multiple schools, more than one mechanism and more than one system for establishing specialized centers and units, and the work of the Foundation is prohibited. For some structures trying to provide the best service within the available framework. The Ministry and the Foundation seek to reach out to the service owner, and this is one of the challenges we have faced during the outbreak, and in addition to the telemedicine service we have provided a “listen to what you have to say” helpline. The Foundation puts mental health at the forefront of its priorities and strives to provide a comprehensive and integrated system that provides sustainable healthy environments and a greater number of clients will benefit from these services.

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