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An exceptional mirror to help improve your mood


Follow-up – Marwa al-Batta

Boosting your mood on days when you're tired, BMind is an AI-powered mirror designed for mental health that combines an array of activities and tools to improve your day.

At first glance it may seem like one of the many beautiful mirrors that we usually choose for the bathroom, but in fact this mirror can help you face your day or improve your mood.

Glass is a new project of Barracuda, which uses technology for the health of users through initiatives highlighted in different editions of the CES exhibition.

It launched BMind, a smart glasses that can help improve users' mental health through various dynamics.

BMind is powered by generative AI for conversation and training experiments and natural language processing (NLP) for sentiment analysis.

Thanks to the capabilities of artificial intelligence and the CareOS interface, BMind can analyze a series of factors related to the user to determine his state of mind. For example, gestures, tone of voice, expressions, etc.

Once this information is discovered, it provides a series of personalized resources to help improve the user's mood. He can recommend a series of mindfulness exercises, guided meditation, and light therapy, among other resources.

That means, depending on your mood, he can give you exercises or activities to help you modify or improve it. An interesting detail about this dynamic is that it doesn't feel like the simple exercise we see in the app, but rather a more fluid experience.

For example, BMind can change the lighting to create a relaxing environment while interacting with the user, allowing you to visualize a beautiful image of nature and suggest a meditation session.

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So, while not intended to replace the help a professional can provide, BMind offers a series of tools for your mental well-being that will change the way you approach your day.

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