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An image from Hubble shows the space “sword” piercing a large celestial “heart”.


An amazing new image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope shows a blue “sword” piercing a giant cosmic core, much like a “cosmic love” painting.

“Sword” consists of dual jets of super-hot ionized gas exploding in space from the opposite poles of the newborn star called IRAS 05491 + 0247. To Hubble team members.

This dramatic interaction between jet and cloud creates an extraordinary aerial view called the Herbic-Harrow object.

The “Herbic Harrow object” captured by the Hubble Space Telescope is named HH111, located about 1,300 light-years from Earth in the Orion galaxy.

Hubble captured the image using a white field camera 3 (WFC3) that monitors the optical and infrared (thermal) wavelengths of light.

“Herbic Harrow objects already emit a lot of light at optical wavelengths, but it’s difficult to observe them because the dust and gas around them absorb a lot of visible light,” ESA officials wrote in a description of the film released on August 30.

“Therefore, WFC-3’s ability to observe infrared wavelengths, observations that are not affected by gas and dust, are important in the successful observation of Herbic Harrow,” they added.

The Hubble launch, a joint venture between NASA and the European Space Agency, took place in 1990 in low Earth orbit aboard the space shuttle Discovery. The first images taken by the pioneer telescope were blurred, with a defect suggested by team members in the 2.4-meter-wide main mirror.

The pioneers fixed this problem in December 1993, and the Hubble was upgraded and maintained during the other four missions. The WFC3 camera was installed in May 2009 during Hubble’s last spacecraft flight.

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