March 30, 2023

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United States: If the "Taliban" fulfill their obligations, we will work with them

United States: If the “Taliban” fulfill their obligations, we will work with them

Washington – AFP
After the withdrawal of his country’s troops from Afghanistan, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkan announced that the United States would work with the “Taliban” movement if it “promised work”.
“Every step we take will not be based on what the Taliban government says, but what it does to fulfill its obligations,” Blingen told reporters.
“Any legal and any support must be obtained,” Blinken said, adding that “the Taliban must fulfill its commitments to freedom of movement, respect for the rights of women and minorities, and to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a breeding ground for terrorism again.”
The head of US diplomacy announced that the “Taliban” movement had suspended its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan and moved its diplomatic operations out of Kabul, citing the “fog security environment and political situation” in the withdrawn country. Control over
“As of today, we have suspended our diplomatic presence in Kabul and moved our operations,” he said, adding that the decision would be communicated to Congress.
He added, “Our troops have left Afghanistan. A new chapter of US determination has begun in Afghanistan.” In this new chapter, “We will lead our diplomacy.
The minister stressed that the United States will continue to assist every American who wants to leave Afghanistan, pointing out that a small number of his country’s citizens, 100 to 200 Americans, are still in the country.

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