April 2, 2023

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Anas Sabah Fakhri mentions the circumstances of his late father and his wishes


The show “Nass Online” highlights the life of Saba Fakhri, the great artist who passed away on November 2, and what he did for his family and how he was in good health before he died.

Anas Fakhri, the son of the producer of “Al-Tarab and Al-Qudut Al-Halabi”, was a guest on the show, confirming that his late father’s health had deteriorated between 2007 and 2012, and that after he recovered, he naturally suffered from old age and old age. “He was more tired than saying he was a patient.”

At the behest of the deceased, his son continued during a conversation with Yara Suleiman, the host of the show, that there was no written will, but that his will lasted about 15 years because Anas received it successively from his father. , The first of which carried the artistic message left by artist Sabah Fakhri and honored his name after his departure, and with the full life he loved with joy, art and love

Regarding Anas’ work of art and the controversy that followed, he said he did not choose any work without the consent of his late father and by including his changes in all works of art.

Anas recounted a situation with his father after the dispute between them: “I told him, my dear, you are your father, Sheikh Mohammed, I am my father, Sabah Fakhri. I have met the writers I have studied for many years, officials, diplomats, this is my agreement.

Anas responded during the meeting to a wave of criticism targeting him after his recent media reports.

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Source: RT