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Android 12L can make the best Android tablets


Image of 3 ways to use Android 12L on tablet

Android 12L was developed for large screens, large screens and very large screens.
Picture: google browser

Your Android tablet will be fine soonOr at least he thinks Google will For Android 12. This new version of Android is designed Available to developers today with tablet size screens and over 600dp.

For everyone else, Android 12L is expected to arrive early next year – just in time for the next wave of “Android 12 foldable tablets”, Google wrote. Website. The Full releases should come from time to time in the second quarter of 2022.

The Android 12L looks similar to the Android 12 on the smartphone, but it is optimized for larger screens under the hood. The notification shadow, lock screen and other parts of the system use a two-column layout so that no part of the screen is used.

Image of split screen mode

Split screen mode makes it easy to switch between two Android 12 apps.
Picture: google browser

Android 12L has a new taskbar at the bottom of the interface, similar to the one in Chrome OS. You can back up frequently used applications and access them while moving between windows. Like the desktop operating system, you can drag the app to either side of the screen, making it much easier to work between two apps. Google has reduced the number of steps it takes to split a screen, which was previously a major pain for Android tablet users. By default, all applications can enter split-screen mode, even if the applications are resizable.

Works with Android 12L folding displays. Such as smartphones Galaxy Z Fold 3 You can use it when you open this mode. Boxing letter and The title is you Adaptive theme will be used to beautify the applications. Also, older versions of Android are lagging behind-12 liters compatible with optimal applications.

Multitasking mode on Android 12L works just like it does on Chrome OS.
GIF: google browser

It will be easier for you to find the tablet app in the Play Store. This improves the Google Play Store, and search results prioritize the following applications The Large screen application quality guide. The shop will give you Warning notice that you are about to download apps that are not created for use on the big screen.

Big screen hardware sales, Google Chrome OS including laptops and hybrids, To me Further Inside In the last few years. But not everyone wants to use Chrome OS. Apple and Microsoft and Samsung have acquired the rights to Android. Optimal Their interfaces As for the tablet, Google’s Android is far behind.

We watched with DHe is a Pixel list, Clarity Chrome OS is not the answer to Android tablet problems. It will be interesting to see if a small change in the current operating system will be enough for a person to choose a cheap iPad and Android tablet. At the very least, this will make Android usable on screens larger than 7 Inches.

For those interested in tinkering with the Android 12L before it becomes widely available, a developer preview of the Lenovo P12 Pro is coming soon. At its developer summit, Google announced that some features will soon be brought to the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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