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Angam's conditions for attending his concert at the Egyptian Opera House

Angam’s conditions for attending his concert at the Egyptian Opera House

After a two-year absence, the element at the Opera House is a stage return concert (al-Arabi al-Jadeed)

Created Opera House Egyptians, conditions to attend the singer’s concert MelodyThe festival is scheduled to take place on March 21stMother’s Day.

The opera house ticketing website “Text Marse” published the terms and conditions, which included the requirement for men to wear a full jacket and tie, and not to wear “semi” as is currently the case at most concerts. Proper ”, i.e. shirt and trousers without jacket or tie. .

This condition has been the subject of many criticisms from the element fans who teasingly said that Umm Kulthum has no party until today they put this unusual condition.

Wearing a medical mask, measuring the temperature before entering, not to go with children under the age of seven, being compelled to sit in a reserved seat and writing the number on the ticket and taking photographs are strictly prohibited. , And the ceremony begins at eight o’clock in the evening.

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Ticket prices are divided into four categories; The first amount was 1810 pounds, 115 US dollars, the second 1410 pounds, the third 1010 pounds, the fourth and final 360 pounds.

When he performed a concert in 2020, the concert was his return to Angam on the stage of the Egyptian Opera House after a two-year absence. Holy Valentine’s Day.

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