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Antarctica has lost 7.5 trillion tons of ice since 1997



Antarctica has lost 7.5 trillion tons of ice since 1997

How Social Media Takes Sides Against “Al-Aqsa Flood”?

“What we write will not come.” With these words, Palestinian journalist Nisreen Al-Rasaina revealed that her Facebook page was being deleted after she started reporting what was happening in her homeland since Israel launched an attack on Gaza. In response to the Hamas attack, “Hamas” called the “Al-Aqsa Flood”.

Al-Razaina told Asharq Al-Awsat that Palestinian content is deleted, and her posts do not reach followers or images of children who are particularly violent by the Israeli military, a so-called “lack of access”. At the same time, she confirmed that she had received messages about restrictions from the site.

Last week, followers on Facebook and Instagram criticized the Meta-owned sites for removing content supporting the Palestinian cause, as they have become arenas for shaping public opinion. Over the past two days, several followers have posted a duplicate message indicating that many of friends’ posts are being lost and demanding that Facebook modify its algorithms, which read: “(Facebook) only shows it to friends. Chooses, and doesn’t need (Facebook) to choose our friends, and is beyond its policy of control and regulation.

Media reports said hashtags related to “Hamas” and “Al-Aqsa flood” were covered, while the death toll in the Gaza Strip as a result of Israeli bombing rose to 2,215, including 724 children. According to the latest figures reported by the Hamas Ministry of Health. “, Saturday morning.

Anas al-Qassas, an expert on international and strategic affairs and international conflict issues, faced restrictions on his Facebook account in recent days after posting a link to a Politico magazine story about fake news related to the Israeli occupation of Gaza. Al-Awsad: “I got a message. Two-day restriction…algorithms are crazy.”

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However, the researcher tried to avoid publishing any information or posts in support of this case to avoid suspension of his account on the Facebook site. Control, except that there are my posts… There are only two options available, this is not the norm.

The political researcher believes that this restriction undermines respect for the Facebook site’s followers, which is evidence of a double standard in allowing the publication of content promoting an Israeli point of view. He said: “I’ve been with (Facebook) for 16 years and this ban has never happened before.” ».

Asharq Al-Awsat said that video blogger Nada Al-Shabrawi, who publishes content related to books on various platforms under the channel “Douda Bookworm”, uploaded a video on the site “Instagram” addressing the Palestinian issue. The video was deleted 3 times, and the sound was turned off, and I tried again to post the video.

In a related context, Asharq al-Awsad tried to post a link to a topic related to children in war on the Instagram platform, and a message appeared: “We ban certain actions to protect our society.”

A message appears from Instagram saying that publishing a link to a press story about Gaza (Asharq al-Awsad) is prohibited.

* Actions… or Prevention?

US tech giant Metta, which owns social networking site Facebook, has said it will take more action against the publication of illegal and misleading content on the internet following the outbreak of the conflict in Gaza.

Yesterday (Friday), the German news agency reported that in the first three days following the attack by Hamas militants, the agency removed 795,000 pieces of content or classified it as offensive in both Hebrew and Arabic for violation. Policies and directives.. “Compared to the previous two months, in the three days following October 7, we removed 7x more content daily for violating our Dangerous Companies and Individuals policy in Hebrew and Arabic alone,” Meta explained.

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Meta added that it is particularly wary of Facebook and Instagram, where Hamas has threatened to show hostages on these sites. The company said it has imposed restrictions on some users who have previously violated the site’s policies.

In a related context, the Elon Musk-owned site “X” announced that it had removed or classified “tens of thousands” of posts in the days following the Hamas attack on Israel. The company’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, wrote in a letter dated Wednesday; In response to criticism from the European Union in this regard: “After the terrorist attack on Israel, we have taken steps to remove or classify tens of thousands of posts.” The letter was sent to EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton, who criticized Musk on social media on Tuesday.

In the letters he sent Tuesday to Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, the “Meta” group that includes Facebook and Instagram, Broughton demanded they provide details within 24 hours on how to remove “illegal content and misinformation.” According to Agence France-Presse, the EU’s new digital services comply with the law from their sites.

Despite these “measures” taken by digital platforms, a report by Agence France-Presse said the amount of misinformation and the speed with which it spread online following the week-long standoff was unprecedented. The conflict between Israel and Hamas provides a stark examination of the waning ability of major platforms like Facebook and X to combat disinformation, the agency said, citing experts.

*Dependent mechanisms

Additionally, Amr al-Iraqi, a faculty member at the School of International Affairs and Public Policy at the American University in Cairo, says that the restriction on content related to the Palestinian issue reveals a clear ideological bias of these sites. , describing Hamas as a terrorist movement facing a conventional army, that is… the Israeli army. Al-Iraqi added in a statement to Asharq Al-Awsat that this restriction confirms that these sites are not a good source of information, especially in times of crisis and conflict, and when they are affected by political polarization.

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Al-Iraqi says that algorithms are like a mathematical equation, whose conditions are set according to the biases of whoever enters the inputs, sites like “Facebook” are not neutral sites, and the real crisis is what these algorithms do. Our relationships, circles of friends, and our biases don’t work, so they aren’t social media platforms in the truest sense. Indeed, it reveals the biases of its authors who have already expressed their biases in the ongoing conflict. .

In recent days, Al-Iraq has observed Kurdish content appearing in “proposals” supporting the Israeli narrative of aggression against the Gaza Strip, indicating that this is part of the psychological warfare that Israel has been waging lately. The morale of its players.

But what is the solution? Another site? Al-Iraq responded to this question by saying that any community has the right to create its own platform, but the crisis is in diffusion and influence, because “Facebook” has a large market value and a profit model established for 20 years. Previously, there were new sites that appeared and disappeared recently and were not received. Continuity gained by Facebook and Instagram.

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After an ear piercing, your skin microbiome changes in a big way Science



After an ear piercing, your skin microbiome changes in a big way Science

The first study of the skin burrowing microbiome (the microbiome is the sum of human or other organisms living on the skin or in the gut) reveals how sudden perturbations such as burrowing can trigger fundamental ecological change. Increases biodiversity, lays the foundation for the development of burrows. A model for understanding how communities respond to rapid environmental change.

From the perspective of the bacteria, eukaryotes, and other microscopic organisms that call the skin home, a puncture is as catastrophic and terrifying an event as a giant earthquake or meteorite strike, and this has been demonstrated in microbial analysis.

Self-engineering of the ecological landscape

In a study conducted by a team from Canada’s McGill University, researchers for the first time introduced science to an unexpected environment, a tattoo parlor. In this first characterization of the human borehole microbiome, the unique human cultural practice of the borehole serves as a model system to better understand how biological communities reassemble after environmental disturbances.

The piercing process usually starts by disinfecting the skin and removing the microbes from it, then creating a new environment for the piercing, which is different from previously unpierced skin, and acts as a “clean slate” for colonization of new microbes. Social.

Charles Shaw, a doctoral student in biology who led the study, said in a press release from the university. Piercing the skin also represents an accidental act. “From Self-Engineering to Environmental Landscape in Human Skin.”

From October 2019 to March 2020, researchers recruited 28 people who had their ears pierced at a specific location in Montreal. Then, skin swab samples were collected before the participants got their ears pierced and several times during the two weeks after the piercings.

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A sudden event like ear piercing can drastically alter the skin microbiome (Shutterstock).

Understanding the biological effects of environmental phenomena

The results of the study, published in the journal Royal Society B, highlight how a sudden event like piercing can radically change the skin microbiome. Compared to unpunctured control cases, the puncture site showed an increase in the number of unique DNA sequences and species, indicating an increasingly diverse and ecologically complex microbiome at the puncture site, dominated by two opposite types of bacteria.

With this new understanding of the microbe that penetrates the skin, the study lays the groundwork for further research into the prevention and control of other types of piercing, tattoo microbe and skin infections, says Xu.

Looking beyond the human body, Shaw’s supervisor Professor Rowan Barrett said such studies could help understand the biological consequences of large-scale catastrophic environmental events.

“The hole represents a good model that can be followed to better understand the general processes associated with community assembly after environmental change,” he adds.

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10 Foods That Cause Anxiety And Stress.. Know What To Eat Instead



10 Foods That Cause Anxiety And Stress.. Know What To Eat Instead

Written by Merwat Rashad

Sunday, December 10, 2023 at 07:00 AM

Did you know that certain foods can cause anxiety and stress? While caffeine and sugar are known to affect our moods, many unexpected factors can exacerbate these feelings. In this report, we’ll critically examine 10 food triggers, explain why this effect exists, and suggest alternatives. Healthy to help you maintain a balanced and calm state of mind, according to the website “Onegreenplanet”.

1. Processed foods

It often contains Processed foods High amounts of refined carbohydrates, unhealthy fats and additives can cause your blood sugar to spike and crash, causing mood swings and increased anxiety. Choose whole, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

2. Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose have been linked to increased anxiety symptoms.Choose natural sweeteners like honey or enjoy the sweetness of natural fruit.

3. Fried foods

Fried foods are often high in unhealthy trans fats, which contribute to inflammation in the body and affect brain health. Instead, opt for baked or grilled alternatives for a healthier option.

4. High fructose corn syrup

High-fructose corn syrup, commonly found in sugary drinks and processed snacks, can increase inflammation and oxidative stress, which can worsen anxiety symptoms. Choose water, herbal teas, or homemade fruit juices instead.

5. Too much salt

Consuming too much salt can upset the balance of electrolytes in the body, leading to dehydration and stress. Instead use herbs, spices or citrus juices to enhance the flavor of your food.

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6. Fast food

Fast food is usually high in unhealthy fats, sodium and additives. These substances can negatively affect mood and contribute to feelings of anxiety. Choose home-cooked meals using fresh ingredients whenever possible.

7. Dairy products

Some individuals may be sensitive to dairy products, which can cause digestive problems and inflammation, which can affect mood and increase anxiety. Consider alternatives such as almond milk, coconut milk, or dairy-free yogurt.

8. Refined grains

Refined grains such as white bread, white rice, and pasta have a high glycemic index, causing rapid rises and falls in blood sugar levels. This can contribute to mood swings and feelings of anxiety. Choose quinoa, brown rice, and whole grains. Wheat bread instead.

9. Red meat

Consuming high amounts of red meat has been linked to higher levels of anxiety and depression. Try to include lean protein sources like fish, chicken or legumes in your diet.

10. Artificial food coloring

Artificial food coloring, commonly found in processed snacks and beverages, has been linked to hyperactivity and increased anxiety in some individuals, especially children. Choose natural food colors or snacks without artificial colors.

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Maiara has called for increased funding for climate and energy change



Maiara has called for increased funding for climate and energy change

Hepa Press – and MA

Nam Mayara, Chairman of the Council of Advisors and President of the Mediterranean Parliament, stressed on Saturday that parliamentary diplomacy has a very important role to play in solving climate change crises.

In her speech during the high-level segment of the COP28 conference, Mayara explained that parliamentary diplomacy is thrusting itself into the international arena to contribute to resolving crises, particularly in relation to strengthening affirmative action and intensifying efforts to curb climate change.

He said during the second session of the Marrakesh Parliamentary Economic Forum for the Euro-Mediterranean and the Gulf region, to be hosted by Morocco in June next year, “work will be carried out to establish a parliamentary group in the Euro-Mediterranean region”. Gulf for the promotion of renewable energies, which was established in the Mediterranean Parliament.” Average year 2022.”

He pointed to the current climate emergency and its unprecedented effects on the Euro-Mediterranean region and the Gulf, such that temperatures in the Mediterranean Sea are rising 20 percent faster than the global average, while the Gulf Sea is the warmest in the world.

After applauding the decision to implement a “loss and damage” fund to compensate countries most affected by climate change, he called for intensified efforts and increased funding for climate and energy change.

During another meeting held within the framework of the COP28 conference, Maira emphasized Morocco’s commitment to effectively contribute to the continent’s dynamics to protect Africa from the dangers of the climate crisis and protect the rights of future generations to development and progress.

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He pointed out that Africa is at the heart of the scourge of climate change, noting that it is the continent that emits the least amount of greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming, which undermines the continent’s capacity for growth, progress and prosperity. Fundamental rights of millions of Africans.

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