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Anushka: "Go back, my dear" I was lucky

Anushka: “Go back, my dear” I was lucky

Actress Anushka, who expressed her happiness over the positive reactions she received regarding her participation in the series “Regina Ya Hawa”, stressed that she is still filming for the remaining episodes of the series, announcing that there will be many surprises in it. Upcoming chapters.

Anushka – Photo from her Instagram account

During a phone call to the Sixth Kitchen show hosted by artist Mona Abdel Ghani and media personality Iman Is El-Din on CBC, Anushka added that she was considering her role in the series “Regin Ya Havi”. The grace of our Lord upon her; Because the characters that come his way in the artist balance things with him, and he considers himself lucky with him.

And he continued: We are running against time to finish episodes, and there are new improvements you can see in the series, and I was scared about that character; Having a vision of a comedy line in the writing style of Muhammad Sulaiman, I was afraid that it would be similar to my role in Najib Zahi Sarkash.

Regarding the secret of the success of the series, Anushka confirmed that a large number of artists were involved in the success of the series and the touch of director Mohammed Salamah, noting that the revival of the works of writer Osama Anwar Okasha had made her very happy. , Adding: With him in his life, but I’m glad to present a requirement from his old works, I adore black and white and everything old.

The series revolves around Balik Abu al-Hana, who returns to Egypt to regain his hereditary rights after losing his business in Europe, but faces another mission to reunite the family, and reveals the character of Anushka Sharifa Honey. Palik’s brother’s wife.

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Khalid Al-Nabawi, Noor, Hana Shiha, Anushka, Wafa Amar, Ahmad Badir, Islam Ibrahim, Tariq Abdel Aziz, Salma Abu Taif, Mustafa Darwish, Islam Jamal, Sharif Hafeez, Aya starrer “Raj In”. Samaha, Salwa Muhammad Ali, Tamim Abdo, Amr Mahdi, Noor Al-Nabawi, Jala Hisham, The story, treatment, verse and dialogue of the late writer Osama Anwar Okasha were produced by Mohammad Sulaiman Abdel Malik, directed by Aroma Company. To producer Damer Mortada.

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