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In light of the Corona continuum, this is what the World Health Organization said about the number of pilgrims this year.


Ahmed al-Mandari, regional director of the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean, commented on the World Health Organization’s view of Saudi Arabia’s decision to increase the number of pilgrims to one million this year: “We are confident. Saudi Arabia has made this important decision after a thorough study of the internal conditions of the epidemic and an accurate assessment of the risks and benefits, including the health and safe and secure departure of pilgrims during the Hajj season. Vaccination rates have reached an all-time high in Saudi Arabia, and health requirements for pilgrims to enter Saudi Arabia make it mandatory for every traveler to receive the vaccine in a timely manner before entering the country.

Al Arabiya These practices and measures are a way to protect the Hajj season while being careful in obtaining vaccines.

The Great Mosque in Mecca

What are the latest developments of corona virus infection in Middle East and North Africa?

We thank God that for the third week in a row in recent weeks there has been a significant decrease in the number of cases and deaths in the region. Although we have seen an overall decline in injuries and deaths regionally and globally, we are still in the shadow of an epidemic and we need to be vigilant to avoid grief and suffering. Each of us can ensure that our decisions and actions do not ultimately lead to catastrophic consequences so that we may unknowingly infect someone, thus spreading the infection further. The chain of transmission can only be stopped if we all make an informed and collective decision to stop the spread of the disease completely.

Date of end of corona infection

Is there a specific date for the corona virus infection to end? What about upcoming infections, are there any serious symptoms?
We hope to control the virus by the end of this year in light of the significant increase in vaccine coverage rates, but the outcome of the epidemic is still a long way off due to a number of factors, including discrepancies. The origin of mutations characterized by vaccination rates and rapid spread and mitigation practices between different countries, which is sometimes done without assessing the situation and without assessing the situation. I repeat that in terms of circumstances, it is up to us to end the epidemic. We always say that infections can occur at any time, but we do not know, if we continue to adhere to health and preventive measures and provide vaccines to all those in need, up to the target percentage. There is no epidemic, especially, or the type of virus that causes it, and let us remember that we expected an epidemic to develop before the outbreak of Govt 19, for which we must be permanently prepared and prepared. In terms of monitoring, complete equipment, tools, capabilities and response and planning for response, it affirms the importance of complying with the requirements of international health regulations.

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Vaccine protection

– What is the safety of new vaccines?

Vaccines approved by the company for emergency use or by vaccines approved by organizations recognized worldwide and regionally are safe, secure, and effective, and vary in size depending on the fourth dose or booster dose. , Their effectiveness has been demonstrated in some cases in relation to certain groups affected by weakened immunity or immunodeficiency, and it is preferable to vaccinate groups that have not yet received the basic doses, so they are high. Eligible to be vaccinated to avoid infection.

War in Ukraine

– In light of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, are there any improvements in terms of the handling of the World Health Organization?

The WHO is committed to staying in Ukraine now and in the long run to meet the immediate health challenges and future reconstruction needs. We are preparing to re-establish teams across the country as access and security improve

The WHO has been working with nearly 100 local and international partners to deliver life-saving medical supplies to the worst-affected areas of Ukraine, and we continue to advocate for a safe route to deliver vital supplies to Mariupol and other besieged cities, and the WHO is doing its best to reopen its operations in the capital and the country’s office.

The World Health Organization echoes the UN Secretary-General’s call for a ceasefire, allowing unrestricted humanitarian access to those in need and allowing those who wish to leave to do so.

We emphasize the need for humanitarian and international humanitarian compliance, as attacks on these institutions can lead to the killing and injury of civilians, preventing access to health care and those in need. Rights Laws.

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Corona and the 2022 World Cup

– We are approaching the 2022 World Cup and are still living amid a corona virus infection. How will the high number of people expected to attend the World Cup be dealt with from the perspective of the World Health Organization?

This is a very important topic, and it was prepared in advance by a unique global partnership to improve health during the World Cup, as agreed by the senior leaders of the World Health Organization, the State of Qatar hosting the World Championships, and FIFA. A set of activities to be implemented during this year’s competition.

The partnership, launched in late 2021, promises the following:

த்தல் Protecting the health of all participants in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: and collaborating to ensure that it is a healthy and safe event, from the implementation of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Govt-19 to the provision of healthy food options.

Taking the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 as a platform to promote a healthy lifestyle: This competition will encourage millions of people around the world to increase their interest in playing football and engaging in sports activities. Health benefits of physical activity. The Government of Qatar has signed a three-year partnership with the WHO to improve access to health care and promote a healthy lifestyle across the country.

Plan to preserve and improve health at future mass meetings: The World Cup presents a unique opportunity to develop a new approach to organizing major sporting events, taking into account the lessons learned from the epidemic and improving the path to sports and health recovery.

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Healthy cities in Saudi Arabia

– The World Health Organization (WHO) recently adopted the Healthy Cities project in Saudi Arabia as a hub for collaboration with the organization. What is the purpose of this and are there any improvements in this regard?

The Healthy Cities project is one of the largest efforts aimed at improving the healthy environment and healthy lifestyles and preserving the planet as a whole, by implementing a very long list of over 80 requirements to declare a city healthy. The city, and we are pleased to see the increasing number of cities declared as healthy cities in our region, with the World Health Organization adopting the Healthy Cities project in Saudi Arabia as a collaborative center with the organization. , Madinah, Taif, Unaisa, Jalajil, Al-Mandak Al Jamum, Riyadh Al Kabra and Sharoora are the nine medical cities approved by the health system. The university is the first university in the region to promote health. We hope that this project will continue to achieve the associated successes and goals.

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