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Apex Legends confirms that big changes are coming in the halls


Last season Apex Legends, “Origin” Graduation squares are included in the mix After the previous season Arena maps were added for the first time Popular video game. Arena maps are smaller than traditional and massive Royal War maps, its main pattern Apex Legends Including, it changes the loot and the number of players, significantly controls it and puts three players in front of the other three. And the big changes seem to be on the horizon for better-ranked venues.

Apex Legends Senior designer Robert West recently responded to criticisms of the squares lined up on Twitter with a series of close changes. “We have some matchmaking and AB improvements in the pipeline and will definitely keep updating as we go,” West said. “I know of a bug we are investigating and I hope there will be a solution soon.” You can see for yourself the title below:

According to the West, there are some upgrades in the works that will make the deployed plaza a smoother experience for the people. This includes the ways AB and matchmaking rankings play together to determine teams, but they are not the only ones. “Usually low ranking team members only say their MMR is close to you, but they don’t install much AP,” West says in the title. It should look better after the update. ”

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Apex LegendsLast season “Emergencies” is now available in the game. The season brought a new audience of legends Many other changes. Apex Legends It is also currently available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. S, Nintendo Switch and PC. As of Season 9, the popular free-to-play video game “Emergence” seems to have technically reduced the number in favor of the name only when it is Season 10. You can check All of our previous coverage about the popular video game is here.

What do you think about the degree squares exist today? Apex Legends? What change do you expect to come next Apex Legends After that? Tell us in the comments or you can contact me directly on Twitter Tweet embedded Talk about all the games!

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