March 25, 2023

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"Appeal" doubles compensation of teenager trapped in bicycle

“Appeal” doubles compensation of teenager trapped in bicycle

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal has amended its ruling and ordered a worker and company to pay Dh30,000 in compensation to a youth injured in a bicycle accident. 60,000 dirhams to be paid to the appellants.

In the details, a young man filed a lawsuit demanding 100,000 dirhams as compensation to a person and the company he works for. He met with an accident from a bicycle traveling without putting on light at night, which indicates that the plaintiff was the first workman, who wrongfully compromised his physical safety due to carelessness, lack of caution and lack of light, which led to him being run over, causing injury to his head and fracture of the right jaw, and the grief that afflicted him and sadness

The court of first instance ruled that the defendants should jointly and severally cooperate with each other and pay the plaintiff 30 thousand dirhams as compensation for all damages, and it dismissed the other claims. The liability of the cause of compensation and damage that the penalty judgment ended by establishing the fault. As well as the company he is connected with the accident, while the plaintiff did not prove that he has a physical disability or disability, or he did not provide evidence that he suffered medical expenses or lost his job and was unable to do so as a result of the accident.

Dissatisfied with this judgment, the defendant filed an appeal seeking revision of the judgment in the Judicial Department, seeking to increase the amount of compensation as it was not sufficient to redress all the damages suffered by him. and lost the opportunity to work, and he submitted new documents to support his statements.

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For its part, the Court, in the merits of its judgment, made it clear that the aforementioned final judgment established on the documents that the first respondent was guilty of the accidental accident that affected the physical integrity of the appellant. That final judgment relating to the proof of fault on the part of the first respondent was separated from that incident, which was to be adhered to and not to be overruled or revisited, and the Court decided to revise the judgment. Court of First Instance by increasing the compensation amount to 60,000 dirhams.

• The young man demanded Dh100,000 in compensation from the biker and his employer for the damages he suffered as a result of the accident.

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