March 30, 2023

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ام جي ZS

Egypt’s Best Sports Car.. MG ZS Model 2022 Specs and Prices

Own the car MG The ZS 2022 model belongs to the SUV category, and this car is classified as one of the most important versions offered in the Egyptian market, which has gained widespread popularity among sports crossover models, as this car is offered with 3 types of equipment. Prices start from 380 thousand pounds.

Technical performance of MG ZS model 2022 car

The 2022 MG ZS is available in Egypt with leading specifications as it comes with a 1500 cc four-cylinder engine with 119 horsepower, while the car receives acceleration commands through a 4-speed automatic performance transmission, with an average fuel consumption of 5.8 liters when you run up to 100 km in 10.9 seconds. It has the potential to reach a speed of 100 km/h from 0 position.


In terms of safety and security factors in the “MG” ZS model 2022, it includes ABS brakes, EBD scheme for electronic distribution and other equipment such as airbag system, electric side mirrors, air conditioning and multifunction. Steering wheel, a color touch screen, parking sensors and a camera for easy control.

Egypt's Best Sports Car.. MG ZS Model 2022 Specs and Prices

Check the latest prices of MG ZS 2022 model in Egyptian market

The first type: Model 2022 “automatic” at a price of 380 thousand pounds.

Second variant: 2022 model “automatic” priced at £395,000.

The third variant: 2022 model “automatic” at a price of 410 thousand pounds.

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