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“Apple” announces its latest products .. “iPhone 13” and “iPad mini”


What’s new in “Apple”?

iPad mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and Apple Watch 7

What are the features of iPhone 13?

Both phones have an updated and faster A15 bionic chip, three brand new cameras and an upgraded display that shines up to 1000 TVs with a 120Hz promotion update display.

Apple has officially announced its latest products this year, the iPad Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and Apple Watch 7.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are 6.1 inches and the iPhone Mini model is 5.4 inches, with an LED panel on the screen, and aluminum sides sandwiched between two glass panels.

Both phones have an upgraded and faster A15 bionic chip, three brand new cameras and an enhanced display that shines up to 1000 TVs with a 120Hz promotion update rate display.

The iPhone 13 also features sensor shift stabilization technology, which physically moves the wide sensor to reduce vibrations.

The company also introduced a new cinema mode for video, which allows you to change the focus of the stand focus effect during video.

Also when recording a video, the cinema mode automatically shifts the focus during real-time shooting, changing the focus intelligently as people enter the frame or move away from the camera.

Apple Mini

Apple has announced the all-new iPad mini with a new bezel with narrower bezels and rounded corners. The iPad mini is currently the company’s smallest tablet, even as the size increases.

The new device has an 8.3-inch screen, making it the most feasible as a multitasking or school work device, available for pre-order today and starting next week for $ 499.

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The new tablet has been upgraded to 12MP front and rear cameras including USB-C, Touch ID (without Face ID), a new speaker system with stereo in landscape mode and a new 12MP camera with True Tone Flash and 4K video recording. On the back … on the front is the new 12MP ultra-high resolution camera that drives the tablet to support Apple’s center stage feature.

It supports WiFi 6 and 5G networks with download speeds of up to 3.5 Gbps, and a second-generation Apple Pencil that magnetically connects to the side of the chassis.

New watch

Apple has released its new smartwatch “Apple Watch Series 7” which is slightly different from its predecessors.

The new 7 Series looks like the bigger iPhone siblings compared to the older models. The edges around the screen are thin, but not the casing.

The edges around the screen are just 1.7mm thin, and the display is always 70 percent brighter.

The watch comes in five colors: black, gold, blue and regular red, with the addition of a strong green color to match the new strong support.

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