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Guinea Conakry … a new regime or open African isolation?


Guinea’s new military rulers began consultations with political, religious and business leaders on Tuesday, saying it would lead to the formation of an interim government following the coup that ousted President Alpha Conte in September.

In a short speech, the leader of the revolution, Colonel Mamati Dompoya, commander of the Special Forces and a former soldier of the French Foreign Forces, urged the audience not to “repeat the mistakes of the past” when forming a new government. .

Tomboya and his military comrades, who were behind the revolution, said they had expelled Conte because of fears of poverty and widespread corruption in the country. Conte was in office for the third time after the constitution was amended to allow this.

A week-long dialogue with the leaders of the major political parties began on Tuesday, plotting to build the framework for an upcoming national unity government and return the country to constitutional order with a population of 13.5 million.

The talks are expected to define who will lead the political and institutional reforms and change process needed ahead of the election period.

It is noteworthy that after the coup the African Union suspended members of Guinea Conakry. “It has been decided to suspend Guinea Conakry’s participation in the activities of the Union and all its decision – making bodies,” the African organization said on Twitter.

The military council that seized power said it had frozen all state bank accounts in an attempt to protect the country’s assets.

A spokesman for the council said in a televised statement, “This includes administrative and public enterprises in all ministries and the presidency, presidential plans and programs, dismissed members of government and managers of government financial institutions.”

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This September 5th, Dompoya, in all his military camouflage, was watching the people of Guinea Conakry on state radio and television, announcing the arrest of Conte, the dissolution of the companies and the constitutional shutdown.

He justified this by saying that he and his colleagues in the “National Reconciliation and Development Council” had accepted the responsibility to save the country from the “terrible political situation, the violation of democratic principles, the independence of the judiciary and the politicization of the people”. Decline in administration, living conditions and public independence. “


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