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Apple officially announces the new generation of smart pen. Here are the most important specifications


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Apple has officially announced the launch of the new generation Apple Pencil with completely new specifications and the expectations of the experts have come true.

Apple revealed the introduction of this new generation of Apple Pencil through its official online store, the most important feature of which is that it comes with a USB C port so that Apple will continue to implement its new policy. The port type is similar to the latest versions of the iPhone 15.

Apple is offering the new pen at $79, which is an average price level compared to the price the first version of the pen offered at $99 and its second generation at $129.

Along with the most important features introduced by Apple in this third-generation smart pen, other specifications regarding the new device have been revealed, including the USB C port not supporting the wireless charging feature.

It supports all the scrolling features on the M2 iPad Pro, and supports the magnetic mounting feature on the side of the iPad.

Among the specifications that the new version of the pen lacks is the pressure-sensing support feature that Apple provided with its first and second generation, while this new generation comes with support for the quick response feature for pen input. Pen tilt sensitive feature while shading.

The Apple Smart Pen in its new generation has dimensions of 7.5 x 155 mm and weighs 20.5 grams, which is the same weight as when Apple introduced the second generation Smart Pen.

This new version of the pen will be available from November, and Apple has announced a list of iPad devices planned to be compatible with the following versions:

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