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Apple ranks first among those who differ from other brands

Apple ranks first among those who differ from other brands

Release Date:
June 17 2022 13:24 GMT

Updated: June 17 2022 13:35 GMT

Despite strong competition from many mobile phone manufacturers, Apple has managed to establish itself as the number one smartphone provider in the world, and it still occupies a huge share in the smartphone industry.

Thanks in part to the fact that it is the only major smartphone maker with a monopoly on its hardware and software, some competitors offer similar phones.

In a statement to the “Digital Information World” website, he confirmed that Google had tried to prevent Apple from dominating the smartphone operating system market, but that no company could compete with Apple in the hardware and software sectors.

According to a recent Wave7 poll, Apple seems to be the most popular choice among people considering changing smartphone brands, according to US mobile retail representatives.

The poll revealed that “73% of the 37 sellers surveyed said they would get more profit from those who switched to Apple from other brands.”

16% of sellers who took part in the survey said that Samsung gets the highest percentage of people.

But many consumers who have returned to Samsung are mainly refugees from LG’s rapidly declining smartphones, so Samsung’s success in this area is not nearly as successful as Apple’s success.

When asked by retailers about the reasons why consumers chose the iPhone and Android system, custom ratios were highly divided, with 51% of sales representatives saying some would switch to Apple because of the strength of the brand.

“People who switch to iPhones feel like they’ve bought the Apple brand, while those who switch to Android feel like they’re buying the Android brand,” the report says.

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Statistics reveal that Apple has taken its own place against countless competitors, and the company is still gaining momentum as more and more Android users turn to it, although the reasons for doing so are not entirely certain.

In the context of the survey, only one of the retail representatives mentioned that some people switch to buy Pixel phones from Google.