June 7, 2023

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Laporta vice: Barcelona can now sign Lewandowski

Laporta vice: Barcelona can now sign Lewandowski

Eduardo Romeo, economic assistant to Barcelona president Joan Laporte, has revealed the Catalan club’s current stance on signing Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski.

Yesterday, Thursday, Barcelona’s Extraordinary General Assembly voted to sell 25% of the club’s television broadcasting rights and 49.9% of “BLM” to the Catalan giant’s official products.

A move to inject millions into the team, helping to spend the summer in support of coach Xavi Hernandez.

Lewandowski is currently considered Barcelona’s main target because the player has openly stated that he wants to leave Bayern and join Camp Nou.

“It’s a necessary step, but so far we have been able to get the green light.

He added: “Levantovsky can be signed now, as long as we use the 1/3 rule, as we violate the rules of financial fair play under the rules of the Spanish League.”

He explained, “Lewandowski still has some conditions, and by reaching an agreement with Bayern Munich, things will get complicated.”

It is noteworthy that Barcelona are targeting a few players other than Lewandowski, especially Seville defender Jules Conte and Leeds United winger Rafinha.

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