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Apple to launch 4 mixed reality headsets in 2025

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Sunday, February 26, 2023 at 04:00 AM

New leaks have revealed that Apple Inc It may offer 4 different versions of augmented and mixed reality headsets in 2025, including two versions at lower prices, and some earlier reports suggest that the company has been developing glasses for augmented and mixed reality in the past years.

According to popular leaker, Ming-Chi Guo, AR / MR headphones will be available Apple’s second generation The high-end and low-end versions will be developed and manufactured by Luxcaseict and Foxconn respectively, and the current release schedule for both models could be in 2025.

According to the source, the change of manufacturer will make the production of the second-generation AR / MR headphones cheaper, and while Pegatron will handle the production of the first-generation headset, the contract may be passed on to LuxShare, owned by ICT Luxcaseict. , and the change of manufacturer can reduce the cost of making headphones.

Regarding Apple’s manufacturing transfer, Guo said, “Pegatron is expected to transfer its AR/MR development team and manufacturing resources to Luxcaseict (a joint venture between Luxshare ICT and Pegatron) in the first half of 23. .

Essentially, Luxshare ICT will take over the design and manufacturing of the product, and these changes will continue to accelerate the headset’s price reduction, which Apple expects.

The AR/MR headset is expected to be announced sometime this year, and according to previously reported rumors, Apple plans to allow users to create AR apps for the headset without any knowledge of coding, and the headset may also come with health and wellness features. For meditation and exercise.

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