March 25, 2023

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Arab Cup .. Date of Conflict between Egypt and Jordan and Date of Morocco’s Conflict with Algeria


Today, Saturday, the second day of the Arab Cup “Qatar 2021” quarterfinals, will witness a fierce clash between the two poles of the Maghreb football team, Morocco, and its Algerian team, while Egypt faces Jordan.

The Arab evening will face Egypt and Jordan at 6:00 pm Saudi time, with the Algeria-Morocco meeting ending at 10:00 pm Saudi time.

Morocco started strong in the Arab Cup, beating Palestine and Jordan by two clean points, while qualifying for the top spot with a full score in its third group, beating Saudi Arabia by a clean margin.

For its part, Algeria again qualified from Group D with a reasonable game difference from Egypt, after points (seven points) and goal difference (seven goals) as Algeria beat Sudan four times and Lebanon 2-0. Before a 1-1 draw with Egypt.

In another match, the Jordanian team tries to achieve the first surprises of the Arab Cup at the expense of its Egyptian rival, which is the toughest number of matches.

Jordan, who finished second in Group C behind Morocco with a six-point 5-1 win over Saudi Arabia in a two-match 1-0 victory over Palestine, qualified for the quarter-finals with a fair play. The difference from Algeria was two wins against Sudan, 5-0 with seven points, Lebanon 1-0, and 1-1 with Algeria.

Source: Agencies

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