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“Pharaohs” fans refuse to reward Quiros for “zero harvest”!


Amr Obaid (Cairo)

Controversy continues in the Egyptian sports community over the renewal of the contract of Portuguese coach Carlos Guerrero and his failure to achieve all the goals, despite the “zero” harvest following the failure of the “pharaohs” to reach the 2022 World Cup. His contract with the Egyptian Football Association.
Egyptian media reports indicate that there was an “unspoken” agreement between the Football Association and Quiroz to renew his contract, increase his salary and increase his salary, raising eyebrows and anger among “Barros” fans, especially after the Portuguese defeat. Egyptian national team in all competitions!
The “bleak” defensive game, the “bad” results, and the “disappointment” against Senegal in the two matches that later qualified for the “Qatar World Cup” were the most important reasons for the Egyptian sports community and fans. Objecting to the continuation of Quiros, the Football Association sees things “from a different perspective”, but rather the statements of an official in the Egyptian federation who came to put the final African Cup of Nations finals in the “record box”. He added pride to the Portuguese, however Hector Kuber, the former coach of the “Barrows”, achieved the same and did not avoid harsh criticism due to his defensive tactics.
Cooper missed out on the “Cannes 2017” title, as happened with Quiros in the last Cameroon edition, but some believe the difference in the “meaning” of the Egyptian team players gives Argentina some reason, while the current generation is believed to have had it. Excellent skills not used by the Portuguese.
Technical figures indicate that 5 years ago under Kupper’s leadership the “Pharaohs” won 50% of the African Cup of Nations, averaging 0.83 goals per game, while Quiros’ wins were less than 43% and averaged 0.57.
Negative draws and penalty kicks The Egyptian team’s “excellent mark” with the Portuguese, defensive decline and performance described by some as “random”, the famous “Play for Sala” tag associated with Argentina. Epoch, but it was at least a clear and consistent “technical idea”, despite the defensive “trick” that dominated these two technological eras, which did not satisfy the Egyptian fans, and Kupper succeeded in qualifying for the World Cup in Russia. Yet he has not pursued his contract with the Egyptian Football Association, which seems close enough to keep Guerrero, who has not achieved more than his predecessors!
Former coach Hossam L-Badri’s figures with “Barros” indicate that he has not lost in 10 matches, winning 6 out of 60%, scoring 1.4 goals per game and conceding an average of 0.4.
Some believe he was unfairly treated because he moved well to achieve the team’s goals, and recent events did not prevent Egyptian fans from rejecting the Portuguese continuum on social media because he had “technically” failed miserably with the Faroese. The latter, in an attempt to investigate the events leading up to the “Teranga Lions” clash and present “resigned” national team manager Vale Coma as a “sacrifice”, leaked Kuros’ statement.

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