March 31, 2023

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Arab dominance in the African Champions League quarterfinals

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Since the tournament system was revised in 2017, Arab clubs have consistently dominated the quarter-finals of the African Champions League using the team system from round sixteen, revealing the 16th round matches of the current tournament. Out of the 8 teams competing in this round, 6 Arab teams are present in the quarterfinals.

The six seats for the Arab Knights are two for Algerian delegates ES Setif and Chabab Belouizdad, the other two for the Moroccan delegation are Raja and Waidat, and one seat each for Egypt’s al-Ahly and Tunisia’s Esperanti, and four of these six teams are al-Shabaab al-Abbas, respectively. , Wyatt and Esperance 4 teams are in the quarter-finals for the second time.

Yesterday, Sunday, the pricing competitions came to an end, with the winning teams advancing to the quarterfinals, capturing first, second and third place in each of the four groups that participated in the 16th round. With 6 Arab teams seizing the ticket to qualify for the quarterfinals, this character points to the possibility of witnessing three Arab clashes.

Tomorrow, the draw for the quarterfinals will take place so that the first-place teams from each team will face the second-place teams, rather than clashing with two teams in the same group. Stadiums of the top favorite teams in their groups.

Egypt’s al-Ahly finished 16th round, and had a hard-fought victory over Sudan’s al-Hilal, with one goal in reply, in the sixth round of the first group matches, and (title holder) second. It is top of the group with 16 points, 10 points behind South Africa’s Sun Downs.

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In the second group, King Morocco’s team came in first with 15 points, Algeria’s ES Setif came in second with 9 points, Tunisia’s Esperance team came in third with 14 points and Algeria’s Chebab Belouizdad came in second with 11 points. , Morocco’s Vydat led Group D with 15 points, and Petro Atletico finished second in Group D with 11 points.

According to the draw for the quarterfinals, Egyptian Al-Ahly is likely to face one of three Arab teams (Raja, Al-Darji and Waidat), with three Arab teams at the top and second at the center, which represents the hot Arab clash in the quarterfinals, from where ES Setif Esperance Or the possibility of confronting Wydad, while at the same time confronting its fellow youth Belouizdad King or Vydad.


Since the change in the Champions League system in 2017, and the implementation of the group stage from the 16th round onwards, the tournament has seen great Arab dominance in the quarterfinals, with 6 Arab teams in the lead since the current edition. The stock, witnessed by the last season version (2021) of the tournament (2021), has 5 Arab teams in the quarterfinals: Al-Ahly, Shabab Beloistad, Waidat, Esperance and Mouloudia Algiers.

In the 2020 edition, the same feat was repeated with 6 Arab teams: Al-Ahly, Jamalek, Edoil du Sahel, Esperance, Waidat and Raja. In 2018, 5 Arab teams were in the quarterfinals: Al-Ahly, Al-Taraji, ES Setif, Wydad and ES Sahel. In the 2017 edition, 6 Arab teams participated in the same round: Al-Ahly, Al-Najm, Ittihad Al-Capital, Al-Ahly Tripoli, Al-Taraji and Al-Waidat.

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During these six seasons, Algerian clubs were present in the quarterfinals with 5 teams: ES Setif, Chabab Belouizdad, Mouloudia Oran, Chabab Constantine and Ittihad Algiers, while Egyptian teams Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly and Jamalek, as well as two teams: Tunisia And ES Sahel, and the same for the Moroccan teams, with only two teams, Raja and Wyatt, winning the quarterfinals for the past six years.