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Recovery or vaccination? .. New data determine the best immunity to protect against corona


Two new studies show that people with “hybrid immunity”, that is, those who have been fully vaccinated and those who have been infected with Govt-19, have the greatest protection against the corona virus.

Both of these studies shed light on the importance of vaccines for those who develop natural immunity after recovering from the corona infection they have been exposed to.

Two studies, published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, emphasize the importance of recovering from the virus to receive corona vaccines.

One of the two studies analyzed the health data of more than 200,000 people in Brazil in 2020 and 2021, which has the second highest mortality rate in the world.

In addition, those infected with Govt and those who received the “Pfizer” or “Astrogenene” vaccine were found to be 81 percent infected with the Chinese “coronavac” vaccine and 58 percent infected with the “coronavac” vaccine, with 90 percent protection against hospitalization or death. Johnson & Johnson “vaccinated. One dose.

“All four vaccines have previously been shown to provide significant additional protection to those affected by Govt-19,” said Julio Costa, a research professor at the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Zul.

“Hybrid immunity induced by natural infections and vaccines will become a global standard and may provide long-term protection against emerging mutations,” said Pramod Kumar of the Institute of Translational Health Sciences and Technology in India.

According to a study based on Sweden’s national records up to October 2021, survivors of Kovit disease maintain a high level of protection against a new pandemic for about 20 months.

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Those who received two doses of the hybrid vaccine had a 66 percent lower risk of infection again than those with natural immunity.

Paul Hunter, a medical professor at the University of East Anglia who was not involved in the study, told AFP for 20 months that “the best protection from the two-dose vaccine program is far better than we expected.”

But he warned that two studies had been completed before “Omigran” could dominate the mutant world, noting that “this led to a significant reduction in the protection afforded by previous infections”.

The results of a recent study published on the medical website medRxiv revealed the protection afforded by “hybrid” immunity against “Omicron” and found that 3 doses were 52 percent effective in the “Omicron” supplement “BA2”. The performance rate increased to 77 percent.In case of previous injury.

The study, which has not been reviewed, found that “hybrid immunity of previous infections and enhanced vaccines provides strong protection against the original Omigran mutant and its subtype”.

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