March 24, 2023

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"Arab Education" celebrates special award winners

“Arab Education” celebrates special award winners

Abu Dhabi: “Gulf”

The Arab Education Bureau for Gulf Countries celebrated the winners of the Academic Excellence Award at its fourteenth session, a ceremony hosted by the UAE Ministry of Education through video communication technology. The award, presented by Almarai, aims to achieve the guidance and vision of the Ministries of Education in member countries of the Office in the field of care for outstanding and creative individuals.

Education Minister Hussein Al Hammadi said: “We are pleased to meet here to sponsor the Expo 2020 10, a prestigious Gulf education event that honors our soul-loving team, which will be held here in conjunction with Dubai.”

Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al-Azimi, Director General of the Office, thanked the leadership and people of the United Arab Emirates for hosting the event, and praised the Office for its continued support from the leaders of the Member States and for the operation of the Office. Should fully fulfill the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to it.

The ceremony will include the presentation of the Faith Speech to the Recipients of the Academic Special Award from the United Arab Emirates at the 2008 and 2013 Sessions.

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