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“Unjust discrimination” .. The South African president speaks after the appearance of Omigran


و .عرب Ramaphosa In a televised intervention on Sunday evening, he expressed his “great disappointment” over the “completely unjustified” border closure, which appears to be “discrimination against our country” and against neighbors affected by the same action.

Dozens of countries have decided to ban flights South Africa Surrounding countries since the discovery of the bizarre “Omigron” by South African scientists last week.

Ramaphosa stressed that “a travel ban is not based on scientific justification,” adding that “the only thing that can lead to a travel ban is further damage to the economies of the countries it covers, and their ability to respond and recover. Infectious.”

He continued, “These restrictions are unjust and create unjustified discrimination against our country and our fraternal nations in South Africa.”

Although the World Health Organization classifies Omigran as a mutant of concern, scientists are still evaluating it.

Ramaphosa stressed that the vaccine was a “very powerful tool” to reduce the spread of the virus, called on his citizens to obtain it, and said his government was considering making certain measures and places compulsory vaccination in an effort to increase the rate. Vaccinated people.

More than 35 percent of adults in South Africa have been fully vaccinated due to the slow start of the campaign. Vaccine And people distrust him.

The worst-hit country on the South African continent has so far officially recorded about 2.9 million infections and 89,797 deaths.

“Omicron” is believed to have increased the number of injuries in the country, with an average of 1,600 new daily injuries reported in the past week, compared to 500 daily injuries in the previous week.

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On Sunday, Botswana announced that it had registered 19 cases of the “Omigron” mutant, Health Minister Edwin Dekolotti told a news conference in the capital, Gaborone.

Intervals World Health Organization In a statement, it “stands with African nations and calls for their borders to be kept open,” calling on countries to take a “scientific approach” to “risk assessment”.

In his televised address, Ramaphosa stressed that the travel restrictions imposed by the countries last month were in direct conflict with the duties of the 20-member delegation in Rome, for the benefit of tourism and international travel.

The current Malawian president, Lazarus Shakuera, is also the rotating leader of the South African Development Society (SADC), which covers 16 countries in the south of the continent, calling Britain “one-way travel restrictions” imposed by the European Union. The United States, Australia and other countries are not justified.

He added, “We all (Govt. 19) are concerned about the new strain and should thank the South African researchers who first discovered it. But the results should be based on scientific facts, not on aphrophobia.”

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