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Argentina and Paraguay summary "Argentina stumbles" Argentina-Paraguay match ends today 8-10-2021 Yalla shot

Argentina and Paraguay summary “Argentina stumbles” Argentina-Paraguay match ends today 8-10-2021 Yalla shot

With a brief night shot of Argentina and Paraguay, at the start of the eleventh round of South America, we present the end of the intense rivalry between the two teams, Argentina and Paraguay, through the crossbar at the crossbar. Qualifiers for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Argentina will start again today 10-8-2021 with a tough clash against Paraguay with all the details of the conflict.

Argentina and Paraguay abstract Yalla shooting

Argentina continue its tough journey in the World Cup qualifiers, with an easy clash against Paraguay, to reach the top three points of the tournament, to continue Brazil’s meeting at the top of the group stages. Second place with 18 points, behind Brazil, which is leading with 24 points.

Argentina managed to win their last match against Bolivia in the tenth round meeting, a meeting that brought both teams together and ended the match in his favor.

Lionel Messi is on the Argentina squad to face Paraguay, and will be in the starting line-up after recovering from an injury to his right knee, and starter and striker Laudoro Martinez, who has played two matches with the Paris Saint-Germain team, will be sidelined due to a muscle injury.

Paraguay came face to face with Argentina in sixth place with 11 points, where he has managed only one win in his last five clashes and two draws and only one defeat, the incredible performance of the players, in which case Paraguay loses the match for the World Cup qualifiers, and he Argentina should leave the position with full score to improve.

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DefenseSel del Sago Stadium will host the tournament events, which are exactly one o’clock in the morning Egypt time, two o’clock Saudi time, twelve o’clock Algerian time, and three o’clock UAE time.

The contest will be broadcast on the Bean Sports 2 HD premium channel with commentary by Egyptian commentator Ali Mohammed Ali, and you can follow Argentina and Paraguay through our website.

Argentina vs Paraguay match results

The events of the first half of the match between Argentina and Paraguay began, and Messi was in the starting line-up as the coach wanted to pay him a trump card for the importance of the match and the presence of Di Maria. And Joaquin went with Messi in the Korea attack

The first half of the match ended in a goalless draw between the two teams.

The match ended in a goalless draw between the two teams, with Argentina trying hard to score the winning goal in the second half, but the attempts were unrealistic to score, so Argentina stumbled and increased the points difference with Brazil.